5 Signs Your Spouse Is The Best Apocalypse Partner You'll Ever Have

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These days we can’t help but wonder if the end of times is near.

Political divides, rampant viruses, climate change and fear of the future are all indicators that we have seen in every ‘end of the world’ movie or TV show.

Think ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ ‘The Road.’ All of these movies involve the end of the world precipitated by one, or more, of the things listed above.

A consistent theme in these movies is couples who work together to get through the apocalypse, to save their families and to build a better future. Of course, they always prevail.

With that in mind, knowing if your spouse is the best apocalypse partner would be a good thing as the end of the world approaches.

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Here are 5 signs your spouse is the best apocalypse partner for you. 

1. You like them.

This is key. If the world is going to end, it'ss essential that you like (or maybe even love) your partner.

In most ‘end of the world’ movies, the couples who are working together to save the world are usually couples who are having trouble in their relationship but they still like and respect each other.

Liking and respecting each other is the key to working together effectively to survive.

Imagine if you were stuck at the end of the world with one of your exes. Can you imagine coming together to survive in spite of all the things that drove you apart?

And, of course, if you like (or love) your spouse, then you are way more likely to have sex which might make the apocalypse just a little brighter!

2. They are McGyver-like, naturally.

For those of you who don’t know, McGyver was a TV character who worked for a secret branch of the US government and who had unconventional problem-solving skills that enabled him to save the world all the time.

Having a spouse like that would be a huge benefit, don’t you think?

My guy is just like that. We recently bought a cottage in the remote reaches of Maine, an old house that needs lots of love. The previous owner did everything by hand and some of his fixes boggle the mind.

I love to watch my guy’s face when he is faced with an exceptionally difficult fix. I can see his mind work before he goes out to the garage, pulls together an odd mix of items, and then, before we know it, the water is running again.

If your spouse is extremely handy, and not short on imagination, they will be the perfect partner to have during the apocalypse!

3. They are eternally optimistic.

Going back to the ‘end of the world’ movies that we watch, isn’t it usually the non-believers who die?

You know, the one who didn’t believe that it was possible to forage for food in that abandoned field. The one was sure that they would die whenever they had to take a risk. Who was always crabby and hopeless and truly believed that everyone would be dead soon.

I know that one of the reasons that my guy is so McGyver-like is because he believes that everything is going to work out just fine. That no problem is insurmountable. That if we just put our minds to it, we can figure it out.

(I have to say that sometimes I find this incredibly frustrating but he is often correct)

So, if you want to be hopeful that you will survive the apocalypse, having someone at your side who truly believes will be the key!

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4. They are both a hunter and a gatherer.

The theory is that when humans began to create communities, the foundation of those communities revolved around specific roles – men were hunters and women were gatherers.

It worked, communities were functional and they progressed to where they are today (granted, until we began to head toward apocalypse).

To survive the end of the world, I believe that it will be important for those who survive, in order to help their family survive, to hunt and gather, no matter what their gender.

If there are animals left after the apocalypse, they will need to be hunted as they will be a key source of energy to keep human beings alive.

If they, too, have been decimated, having a knowledge of what the earth offers to feed us will be very important.

If your spouse doesn’t have these skills, it might be time to buy them a book or send them some links so that they can start to learn. Just in case. 

5. They can play well with others.

Just like when humankind began working together to build the communities that exist today, people in a post-apocalyptic landscape will have to work together to emerge from the darkness and build a new world.

Not being a team player will hurt your cause and could be a huge setback, big time.

Is your partner the kind of person who gets really angry if the waiter spills some water on the table, or the kind of person who smiles and says "no worries"?

Are they the kind of person who will attack the neighbor with a shovel over a new fence, or someone who will bring over cookies and calmly discuss the property boundaries?

Are they someone who people come to, knowing that they are reasonable and calm and able to get things done?

Does your spouse play well with others? If not, can they be nudged a little and moved in the right direction?

After all, it will be very important that they can do a few of these things when the apocalypse comes along!

Knowing if the person you're married to is the best apocalypse partner you might ever have is a very important part of prepping for the future.

The last thing you want is to be with someone who you don’t like, whose only food acquisition skills are ordering UberEats, who always believes the worst, and is someone who others just plain don’t like.

I mean, you want to actually survive the apocalypse, right?

If your spouse isn’t that person, I would encourage you to either go find someone who you could survive the end of the world with or cultivate the skills above so that you can be the one who takes charge and pulls the family through.

The end could very well be near – is your relationship ready?

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Mitzi Bockmann is a Certified Life Coach of over 10 years. She specializes in communication problems, conflict management, and couples/marital issues. Email her at and get started!