Online Dating Safety: 7 Signs He's A Criminal

Online Dating Safety: 7 Signs He's A Criminal [EXPERT]

Online dating is generally safe, and most people you find will be normal, good-natured men and women who are simply looking for love. You also may bump into a small number of strange people (e.g. men who show up on a date with their wedding rings on, or the supposed-to-be Brad Pitt look-a-like who shows up looking a little bit aged and 100lbs heavier than his photo suggested) and they will probably be harmless. Online Dating: Luck Or Work?

But, criminals are around and the Internet is open to them to use and abuse, too. And unfortunately, we can’t do background checks on the people we agree to go on a date with. Nothing is ever 100% fool proof but these seven tips should definitely help you spot a criminal more easily when dating.

1. He has more than two phones. Two phones are usually okay as one may be for work and the other may be for personal reasons. More than two phones should make you suspicious. If you’re on a date with a man who has more than two phones, acts like a switchboard operator, and seems to answer the phones a lot, chances are he's up to something and you may not like what it is.

2. He uses coded language. As if answering the phone during dinner wasn't bad enough, if he uses coded language or his conversations don't seem normal, he's keeping a secret and there's a good chance he’s involved in criminal activity. If not that, he's just plain rude! Is Online Dating Really Worthwhile?

3. You're unsure of his job title. In these difficult times, some people have had to accept jobs they're less than proud of. He may not want to be completely honest about his job title if he's embarrassed by it. But be cautious of confusing job titles. If he says he's a street pharmacist, run!

4. His income doesn't make sense. He claims he's unemployed yet seems to be able to afford a flashy Rolex, designer clothes and expensive meals and drinks. Maybe he has wealthy parents to fund his lifestyle (lucky guy) or maybe, he's using his illegal proceeds to live a lavish life that he shouldn't be able to afford.

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