10 Sweet Gestures That Make You IRRESISTIBLE To Men

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Do you wonder why some women always have hot, smart, adorable boyfriends while others stay single? Those lucky ladies aren’t the prettiest or smartest women we know. But they do have a certain something that attract men.

Here are 10 things you can do right away that will make you irresistible and help you snag a boyfriend.

1. Light up the room with your smile.

The more you smile, the more he’ll like you. Give it a try!

2. Flatter him (sincerely).

If you like something about him, tell him. Men love compliments and feel more confident when they know you like them.

3. Break the touch barrier.

A small touch will tell him that you are attracted to him. Touch his arm or lean against him slightly to break the touch barrier. That’s a signal that you’re interested, and he’ll respond to it immediately.

4. Greet him warmly. 


When you meet him for the first time, give him a big hug and tell him you’ve been looking forward to meeting him. Make him feel liked immediately — he’ll love the way it feels.

5. Be playful. 

Stop being so serious on your dates. Be playful, silly, and have fun. Men love being around women who are having a good time.

6. Keep it positive.


Steer conversation to positive topics only (not your annoying boss, or annoying neighbor, or general life frustrations).

7. Don’t mention other men.

Don’t mention your ex or tell him how many dates you’ve been on. Make him feel like he’s the only guy in town.

8. Leave some things to the imagination.

Don’t tell him your entire life story in the first conversation you have with him. Share something real about yourself, but leave him wanting more.

9. Don't have sex until he’s your boyfriend.

Waiting is a smart (and safe) strategy. A commitment-minded man will like you more if you make him wait. Just make sure he knows you’re attracted to him and are a fan of sex — that’s important.

10. Don't take him for granted.


Make sure you say "thank you" more than once. Men really respond to appreciation.

Give these 10 tips a try, and let me know how quickly they work for you. 

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