How To Lose Weight Fast

Brand new research reveals a little known hormone that shows how to lose weight fast.


The battle of the bulge, the conflict of the carbs, the fight of the fat, whatever people want to call it, weight is constantly on the mind (and the body) of many of us. It affects our health, our self-image, and our emotions—thus, we try to fix it. We perform this fix by taking part in what seems like a never ending diet (or, as most of us prefer to call it, "a die with a t"), we try drinking liquids, we buy ab rollers, we even make "how to lose weight fast" part of our Google alerts.


But all of this ends up in frustration—it turns out "how to lose weight fast" involves a lot of conjecture and several ineffective measures. That is, until now.

How to Lose Weight Fast When You're Female

Women, in many ways, seem to have drawn the short straw of evolution: They are the ones who go through labor, they are the ones who have painful periods each month, and they are the ones who can't seem to lose weight without doing something drastic (such as starvation or amputation). Men, on the other hand, seem to go down a pant size each time they skip a meal.

But, luckily, some of this gender inequality is about to change: Women can now learn how to lose weight fast simply by manipulating one single hormone: leptin.


The Lure of Leptin

Leptin isn't a hormone as well-known as progesterone or estrogen, but it is just as important: In fact, leptin controls 100 percent of the body's ability to burn fat. When leptin levels are high, metabolism sky rockets, burning fat at ease. When leptin levels are low, fat burning slows, or even shuts down altogether. This is why cutting calories can sometimes defy logic and result in no actual weight being lost.

For women, leptin is a good news/bad news hormone: the good news is that women naturally have more leptin than men; the bad news is that the female body doesn't know how to utilize it (the female body is three times less sensitive to leptin than the male body). That is why female dieters need to add a little creativity.

How to Lose Weight Fast: Manipulate Leptin


Leptin levels change on their own for a variety of reasons. Both pregnancy and dieting, for instance, cause a drastic reduction in leptin, which is why so many women find it difficult to lose weight after having a child and find that weight lost through dieting behaves like a boomerang—it always comes back. 

But, while leptin levels can change on their own, they can also be changed on purpose, turning the body into a how to lose weight fast after photo. This happens due to four main reasons, including:

Any female can be taught how to lose weight fast because leptin sensitivity can be increased even in the presence of bad genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, or a pre-exiting thyroid problem.

• Eliminating certain foods that are common in the American diet—such as processed foods and those high in soy—will automatically increase the body's use of leptin and help weight fly off.


• Eating certain cheat foods at the right time can cause a spike in leptin levels, turning the body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

• Regularly taking one odd herb can increase leptin sensitivity by 52 percent.

With this new discovery, anybody can be taught how to lose weight fast, finally becoming victorious against the battle of the bulge.


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