Ditch The Cigs! 5 Ways To Improve Your Health (And Find Love)

Think smoking is cool? Think again.

girl smoking

Not many people translate healthy relationship tips in the literal sense. Rather, they assume that healthy relationship tips merely tell you how to keep you and your partner on solid terms, better able to weather through whatever storm comes your way.

But, there are actuallly healthy relationship tips that better your relationship, as well as your physical health. In fact, there are five main ways to add years to your life and life to your love.


1. Ditch The Cig
The first of the healthy relationship tips involves the cigarette: put it out. Stomp on it, smash it, rip it up into a dozen pieces — do whatever you need to to assure your addiction has gone up in smoke. When it comes to health, the reason for this is obvious: smoking causes heart disease, respiratory problems and all kinds of cancer. But, it doesn't only minimize your well-being, it keeps your love life from igniting as well.

A survey by the dating app Hinge attests to this, online profiles of smokers are rejected a whopping 89 percent of the time. This makes them 61 percent more likely to be rejected than their non-smoking counterparts. 


2. Adopt A Pet
Guys may think girls go for men with the nicest car, the biggest houses or the fattest wallets, but they really go for guys with the cutest pet. Still, where you get your pet can play a role in how women view you.

A survery by PetSmart found that 59 percent of singles said dates are more attractive when they adopt a pet rather than merely buy one. The survey also found that 35 percent of single women have been more attracted to someone because of their pet and 70 percent agreed that how a date treats their pet is highly important. 

Adopting a pet also brings good news to your health. On average, people with pets are believed to live seven years longer than those who don't have canine or feline companionship. Pets have also been found to lower blood pressure and stress in humans and make them more active. The latter is especially true for dog owners.

3. Get Up And Get Moving
Being physically active is among the most important healthy relationship tips because getting up and getting moving can actually lead to getting it on. The reason for this is rather simple: people who are active give off a sense of adventure, excitement and spontaniety, all traits that are attractive to members of the oppsite sex.


It's virtually a no-brainer how physical activity improves your health. But, for those who have been living under a rock or haven't seen a doctor ever, physical activity has a myriad of benefits. Including improving cardiac function, lowering stress, reducing blood pressure, maintaining a healthy body weight, strenghtening bones, looking younger and preventing cancer. 

4. Lose Weight If You Need To
Being a pound or two over weight might not impact your health too drastically, but being obese can reduce your lifespan, your mobility and cause your organs to fail prematurely. It can also mess with your immune system, your coordination and your ability to perform everyday tasks. And then there's what it does to your love life.

Sometimes, being obese minimzes your dating prospects because people are about as shallow as a kiddie pool. But, the real damage from obesity comes from how it makes you feel about yourself. It drastically reduces your level of confidence, forcing your ego to tell you that you just don't have game. Once your ego takes this stand, your dating life does indeed become DOA.

5. Don't Over Tan
There is a big difference in going out into the sun to get a little color and getting so much color that you look like an Oompa Loompa. Over tanning simply makes you look unattractive, older than your years and rather leathery, a quality not a ton of people are looking for. 


On the health front, tanning leads to skin cancer, which isn't usually a big deal unless it's melanoma. Then it turns from being no big deal into a life threatening one. Make the right decision and skip excessive tanning. Oh, and don't forget your sunscreen! 

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