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Consultant, Counselor/Therapist, Mentor, Psychic/Medium, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

About Meenu Mehrotra

 Born on the 29th day of November, 1968- I have been associated with writing for last 27 years. My work has appeared in national magazines and newspapers when I was working as a Copywriter with various advertising agencies.  I won a special mention in the Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award- 1993 for my campaign on Aids Awareness.

My articles have appeared in Times of India, Gurgaon edition as well. Many short stories and poems of mines have been posted on the net and I  won the 3rd prize in a writing competition, organized by an Australian website –brightlightmultimedia.com for my poem- "Mother and Child"

I have done my honors in English Literature followed by a post graduate diploma in Public Relations and Advertising from YMCA, Delhi. I have successfully completed  an online course in Fiction Writing by Jerry Cleaver – writer, teacher and writing coach who created The Writers' Loft, Chicago's most successful independent writers' workshop for the last twenty years.
My varied experiences have given me deep insights into human nature as well as the tenacity, courage, fearlessness and restlessness to aim high. It has also imparted in me, an intimate understanding of the frailty of emotions and encouraged me to be an out -of –the- box thinker and push the limits of imagination, which is an essential trait for a fiction writer.
My work and experience has certainly sharpened my capacity to visualize and taught me to be a good listener along with being acutely aware of the environment around.
My first novel- Lilacs bloom in my backyard was published in 2008 by Rupa  Publications and went into the second edition. SUNLIT  HEARTS  is my second novel which was received very well by both men & women alike.
I have also penned down two poetry books, SOUNDS OF DESIRE & I DRANK THE MOON .
My 3rd & 4th book of poetry are DREAMLIT NIGHTS & THE MOONLIT LAKE .
A certified NLP practitioner, I am an avid learner and  always ready to explore, discover and push my own boundaries and am on my life calling of reaching out to millions through my  written & spoken word.
I have been conducting poetry workshops for young children and find it a powerful way to communicate her beliefs & thoughts on this most intimate form of writing and help the young minds to open up their hearts to pen down their deepest feelings.

I am also a Certified Archetypal Consultant. Check out my profile -https://www.myss.com/profiles/meenu-mehrotra/

I am now a  Certified Angel Card Reader.  During the session  I use Tarot / Oracle cards and Archetype cards along with intuitive coaching to help you access the unconscious gain divine guidance and receive messages from the angelic realm.I help you unravel what the universe wants you to know. Booking a session with me will show you how to take that journey within and lead a spirit conscious life.

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