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10 years +


Sofia 23 1000 - Bulgaria



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Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mediator, Neurolanguage Coach, Relationship Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Life is a game! Lets make it fun and win!

About Maya Boneva Mahama

I am Maya Boneva – Mahama, Life Coach, NLP therapist, Business and Success Coach. I am an alumnus and a member of the American University of NLP, the American Alliance of Hypnotists. I work with techniques such as mind control and hypnosis, emotional freedom, coaching, art therapy and more for more than 15 years now.  I am founder and  Coach at On-line Mahama's Life School - our virtual support space, and Mahama's VR&Co Lab - virtual reality lab for coaching and education. 

"I am pure potential"...

This sentence began everything a little over 15 years ago ...
I started with the study of Eastern cultures and their ways of self-control, meditation and relaxation ...
And as it is written - the appetite comes with eating :).
I went through different systems of self-knowledge and self-improvement - from yoga, through psychoanalysis, Reiki and meditation, Tibetan healing practices, mind control. I've been talking to people all over the world looking for ...

What was I looking for?

For what we all seek - harmony, balance and happiness.
Yoga taught me to seek the golden center, but my relentless critical - analytical mind did not find logical answers in the spiritual teachings of the East.
And then someone (unforgettable one) suddenly and with ease revealed a new Universe before my eyes. Re-aligned, balanced, and fully in line with the pretensions of my Ego. After a year and a half of training, he sent me on My Way with the words:

"When the student is ready, Teacher will surely arrive."

And they arrived.
One by one and all together, they arranged the puzzle , following laws that were related to science in its purest form.
They showed me the power of consciousness, the beauty of success in every aspect, they taught me to arrange the world as I like it, and to avoid the traps of my own limitations. Today I am certified Life Coach and NLP therapist.
What does this mean? That I have the knowledge, experience and tools to make you champions of your own life.

Why me?

Not for the loud certificates on the wall in my office. 
Not for the tons of books, textbooks, and research, not for the people I work with.
Not even because you will blindly trust me.
But because I know you.
Because nothing human is alien to me.
Because I've tried the techniques first on my own imperfect being.
Because what I do, WORKS!
Make yourself comfortable :)

Maya Boneva Mahama Success Stories

Thank you, Maya

My name is Galya Ivanova. I would like to share with you my good experience of working with Mahama. She is my best coach teacher and she helps me to found a right way of living. Maya, thank you very much for you patience and trust! Continue only forward and upwards!

Great Coach

"Great coach with unique and personalized approach, always achieves quick, but lasting results. Thank you!" ~ Galin Donchev

Life Changing

"Maya is not just a person, she is an event, which is changing lives. I am happy and thankful that She happened to me about 4 years ago. Since then, thanks to her support and professional help, I am living as the the best "Me", I can be." 

Professional Aproach

"Maya, has the most professional approach with her coaching skill. She has helped me personally and professionally towards improving my life and achieving my goal. Thank you very much your help." ~ Eddie Katigback

Depression and OCD

Hello! My name is Boriana Vassileva and I want to express my personal opinion and the great gratitude to Maya Boneva! Maya is an incredible professional in her field who taught me to live more positively and helped me out of a very depressing state accompanied by compulsive neurosis. The responsiveness and attitude, the incomes that use goodness and taught me to be the man I am and to live the life I want! I thank the Lord for meeting me with Maya Boneva, who is a real charismatic person and a professional in his field!

Family support

My name is Iliyana Gadeleva. I want to share with you my really good experience of working with Maya Boneva. She is one excellent life couch that helped a lot of people including me and my family to keep the right way of living. She teach us a lot of the secrets of the life so we were able to trust her and keep going . The way of working with her was fun, exciting, emotional. It is very important to have people like her in our world that is not just putting your life in order but to teach you how you should do it. Her work was professional, each exercise was introduced in an interesting way and everyone could understand them. That is why her programs went easy and there are a lot of people still waiting to start the working with her.

Personal approach

"Amazing coach... very professional and great very high levels. Personal approach. Helped and a lot. I have had nothing like that it's very unique. Loved it.. just be open to what comes up." ~ Elena Yanevich

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