Love, Lust Or Sex? 10 Tips In Understanding Your Relationship

If you are completely focused on their body and sex appeal, you probably have strong lustful feeling

 Tips in Understanding Your Relationship

Love and lust is a very difficult concept to differentiate from. While dating someone, it is easy to become completely infatuated with your significant other, but how do you know if it genuine or not? A few ways to tell if it is lust or love is to consider what you thoughts go through your mind once you see your significant other.


Focusing on his body

If you are completely focused on their body and sex appeal, you probably have strong lustful feelings.


Sexual daydreams

Having strong fantasies of sexual encounters and or fulfilling these desires is a strong sign that you are caught up in your partner’s looks, rather than their emotions.

Avoiding “The Talk”

Another strong sign of lustful feelings instead of love is avoiding the topic of your relationship. Do you constantly ignore the “talk” you both must have in order to define your relationship? If so, this fantasy of a relationship is most likely based on sexual feelings rather than emotional feelings. ​

Leaving after Sex

An even more obvious notion of this type of distinction you want to leave directly after having sex with your partner. Most couples who have a strong sexual and emotional connection want to enjoy each other’s company, even after having sex. This means cuddling, getting food or just relaxing with each other.  


Voice inside your head

The last final sign of having lustful feelings instead of loving feelings would be if you have that little voice in your head telling you not to date him or not to trust him. If you are in love with someone you should 100% trust him and want to be with him. Any doubts means that you areeither not ready for a loving relationship, or with the wrong person for a serious relationship. ​

On the other hand, there are obvious signs of a loving relationship. If you feel strongly about the following key aspects of a relationship, then you are heading into the right direction of having a strong and loving relationship.

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Spending quality time together Even though you may thoroughly enjoy having sex with your partner, spending time together is just as important. Being able to lie in bed and talk about anything and everything is a sure sign that you truly are in love.  


A key part of a healthy relationship is listening to your significant other. If you want to listen to their feelings and emotions then you are connecting with your partner on an emotional level rather than a physical level.

Makes you a better person

As cliché as it sounds, your significant other should make you want to become a better person. They should be a positive influence on you and your life and their love is what keeps you optimistic and happy.  



If you are in love with your partner you should be comfortable with every aspect of you and your relationship. Whether it is talking opening about your feelings or just relaxing on the couch together. Being comfortable with your significant other is a sure sign that you feel accepted to be who you are and not act like you are someone else.  

Meeting the Family


A larger step in a relationship is meeting each other’s family. Even though this is big, it should be a step that you both want to take to strengthen your relationship. If you love someone, you want to show your families why you love them, and have your family love them as well.

It may be difficult to decipher if you are in love with someone or if you are simply “in love” with the physical aspect of your relationship. However, it is very important to be able to differentiate the two feelings.