This Clever Trick Is The Only Way To Be TRULY Happy

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5 Fun Handy Ways To Choose Happiness Every Single Day

Are you trying to find true happiness in your life? 

Our lives are made up of days and our days are in our own hands. Each of those days becomes the weeks, months, and years that make up our entire lives. 

We're all given the same 24 hours each day.

We can live each of those days day believing we will only achieve happiness if certain conditions are met or circumstances are just right — or we can decide the time to pursue our dreams is NOW in order to make each moment and each day one we love.

Of course, that's easier said than done.

To keep your mindset focused on making the most of every single day, simply look at one of your hands.

Try using each finger to represent one powerful choice you can make to focus RIGHT NOW on living a great life in a deliberate way!

1. Your thumb: Give each day an enthusiastic thumbs up!    

Begin your day by setting the intention that you’ll have a great day by giving it a hearty "thumbs up!" Starting every morning with this mindset tells the Universe you know exactly the type of day you want to create.

2. Your pointer finger: Point your energy in a clear direction.

Each morning, reset your focus back toward the path you want your life to take. Do you want to be generous, kind, or creative today? Will you open up to new ideas?

Make conscious decisions about who you want to become and where you’d like to go, and then point your awareness and your way of being in that direction in order to be the person who would walk that path.

3. Your middle finger: Give a middle finger to fear and doubt! 

What if you just flick off fear, doubt and worry?

Mentally flick your middle finger at the fears holding you back. You get to decide whether those dark thoughts control your life or not. Dial down the volume on your fear and turn UP the volume of your great attitude instead.    

4. Your ring finger: Commit to making your goals and dreams a reality.

Every day, there is something you can do to move closer to living a life you love. We can all be or do something more every day.

Who can you reach out to that can help you move closer to your goals and dreams? Reach out to that person!

What action can you take today to move toward greater happiness and fulfillment? Go ahead and do it!  

Marry yourself to your dreams and take a step toward them each and every day — no matter how big or small. You WILL see results.

5. Your pinky: Make time to appreciate the "little things" in life.

It’s easy to get lost in the big picture while reaching for our dream, but that big picture is made up of little things we can do to get us there.

If your goal is to lose weight, when you're drinking a glass of water, pause and focus on feeling the cool water in your mouth and throat.

Walking through a door? As you open it, take a moment to feel grateful for a clean, warm place to step into.

Be sure to stop and smell the roses along your journey. Share your positivity and inspiration where you can, enjoy coming across people who are smiling, and be grateful for the little things.

When you have ...

  • A thumbs-up attitude
  • Focus direction throughout each day
  • The ability to flick fear in the face
  • Committed action
  • Appreciation for the little things

... Any day can become a GREAT day.

And each great day adds up to a happy life you love living.

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