Orgasms Are Good For You! How To Have More Of Them

(Given the choice of one square of dark chocolate or an orgasm, chose the orgasm for health).

I work in the Medical field so going to lectures given by a variety of Physicians is a common event. A couple of weeks ago I attended a lecture by a Cardiologist from the East Coast. He was speaking about healthy foods for the heart and mentioned chocolate. My ears perked up since I love chocolate. I was disappointed when he told the crowd that it only took one square of a dark chocolate bar to give you health benefits (per day). One square? I can inhale that! Of course, somehow the conversation drifted to the idea of sex and your heart. Now…here is the greatest news! Orgasms are very good for your heart and as far as they (the medical establishment) know you can have as many as you want. I think women may want to reconsider their chocolaty decision.

The idea of orgasms and their importance to women’s health is talked around but not really talked about. Oprah had someone on her show that specialized in sex and talked about the “sure thing” (a vibrator that is guaranteed to create an orgasm). Many women went out to buy it since it “guaranteed an orgasm”. Many women came to see me after failing with the vibrator only to be told that orgasms are never a sure thing. Women are more complicated sexually than men and the way we orgasm is much different. We need the right mood—the right fantasy, time to relax or to feel like we are sexy and desired, and then we need the right position. If we have a partner we love and who is patient and helpful with satisfying us, that is very close to a “sure thing”.

Orgasms can and do help with healing many parts of the body:

• Pain relief: Oxytocin, a natural chemical in the body during climax gets some of the credit. A study by Beverly Whipple, a professor emeritus at Rutgers University and a famed sexologist and author, found that when women masturbated to orgasm “the pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold increased significantly by 74.6 percent and 106.7 percent respectively.”

• Cardio health: Numerous studies have reported that orgasm lowers blood pressure and may protect us from strokes due to the release of stress during climax.

• Healing wounds: Research is being done regarding the ability of orgasm to rejuvenate the body enough to heal wounds quicker. Several studies have shown that the release of oxytocin can help the sores that many diabetics struggle with by regenerating certain cells (this data is still being studied so there are no clear markers of how many orgasms are necessary for healing to take place).

• Fights aging: The old saying of use it or lose it really applies here. Maybe it is the closeness, the cuddling, the communication, or the actual orgasm itself, but women who continue to orgasm report feeling younger and looking younger. The best way to prevent vaginal atrophy is to orgasm more.

How can a woman learn to orgasm more?

1. Relax. If you focus too much on achieving an orgasm then it will become that much harder to achieve one. Try to enjoy the experience and stay in the present. There is no goal.

2. If something feels good stay there. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your body, do what feels good for you.

3. If you have a loving partner, communicate with them. No guy has a master plan for your orgasm. Only you hold the owner’s manual.

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