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Make It Spicy! 7 Steamy Ways To Boost Intimacy—With Food

couple cooking food together

Food plays a major role in intimate relationships. I'm not talking about quick, easy, in-and-out types of meals. I'm talking about lovingly and thoughtfully prepared food. There's a big difference—and taking part in the "good stuff" helps you get more of the good stuff in your relationships (openness, trust and comfort), too.

When food is prepared with love it becomes the ultimate extension of a cuddle or a hug. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I think couples who want to enhance their relationship—or reignite a spark in a partnership that has become dulled—should turn to their kitchen.

The greatest thing about adding food to your cuddle time is that it adds another diversion to your senses since it helps you stay in the moment with your partner. Most people equate food with love, and when you take your time preparing food, you put more love into your food. And during intimacy, your partner can feel that love.

Here are seven ways to boost intimacy with food:

1. Make it portable!
Just like you can cuddle virtually anywhere, you can take food with you anywhere. A cozy picnic blanket, a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers can do the trick!

2. Shut down all electronics.
Keep your focus on your partner. Preparing, sharing and tasting foods and spices keeps you present, so don't ruin it by being occupied with your electronic devices.

3. Have FUN.
Laugh, joke around and talk while you eat—it enhances mood, anticipation AND sexuality!

4. Feed him. (Seriously.)
Feeding each other is actually more engaging because you're watching your partner's mouth and experiencing their enjoyment. You'll instantly feel the connection!

5. Have a little taste test.
Tasting small portions of good food you haven't tried before is novel, exciting, and makes you feel more connected. Plus, it heals your body and mind. 

6. Prepare your food with LOVE.
Enhance intimacy by choosing and preparing the foods you eat with love. You cannot get this is a fast food restaurant, and in fact, it is like comparing love a quickie—the two have no comparison!

How do you share food with your partner? How does cooking and eating enhance your love life?

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