The Key To Boosting Libido & Having More Sex

Humor is an almost guaranteed connection between two people who desire to become lovers.

Relationship Advice For Boosting Libido & Having Sex Using Humor & Laughing getty

Laughing may be the last thing on your mind when talking about love and sex but the truth is that a sense of humor is an important aspect in a relationship.

Laughter and humor create a setup for prospective lovers in relationships. In general, people love laughing, feel uplifted by a good joke and the antics of a clown.

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It's true when experts say that laughter is the best medicine because there are many benefits to laughter, including physical, mental, emotional, and social. 

In private, lovers become uninhibited, free to be playful, and jokingly find creative techniques for love-making. There's nothing quite like making-out while being tickled by mutual humor.

Humor is an almost guaranteed connection between two people who desire to be in a relationship. The subject matter can be anything. What counts is the feeling that exists between two people and sharing laughter and humor of any kind is just such a feeling.


Whether you laugh together at a joke or you are watching a movie or reading humor in a book or newspaper, it is the humor that matters.

Use whatever makes the two of you feel sexy and turned on. Sexy movies, sleazy jokes, porno stories, porno flicks, physical touching, kidding around, playful interaction accompanied with a good sense of humor and lighthearted feelings — these are some of the keys to love and the best sex.

And since love and sex bring on some of the healthiest of all emotions and absolutely reduces anger, alienation, and various other disappointments in each other, then anything that can be done to increase love and sexual intercourse is positive and needs promotion.

So to become an active promoter of enhancing your love and sex life, no more procrastination or waiting around until it just happens!


Imagine that in all encounters, no matter your age, or how long you have known your partner, that you are horny teenagers waiting to get it on. And go for it.

As simple as this may appear, many people find excuses to postpone or even avoid having sex. Then some urge often aroused by a picture or story or movie happens and the gears start turning. 

Don’t wait. There is no more opportune time than now. Set up the circumstances. Find the stories, seek out the movies, talk sexy to your partner, touch her or him, give a sexy kiss or hug.

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Sexy squeezes go a long way. And it is always fun for both and pays off in spades.


So where do laughter and humor enter into this enticing scenario? They form the matrix or underlying emotions that become your modus operandi. They become your primary approach to life in general and to love and sex in particular.

Having and demonstrating a perpetual sense of humor is sexy and inviting and arousing all by itself. You become a more desirable and appealing person and that is what leads to more lovemaking and fun in life. This change in yourself is a total winner.

No downside. No losses. You win and win big. 

Your life will be different because you are now a more loving, sexy, fun-to-be-with person. Even you will love to be with you. And it can all start by just opening your mouth and laughing; laugh your head off.


No reason. Just laugh.

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Marvin Berenson, M.D. is Clinical Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, USC Keck School of Medicine, psychiatrist, lecturer, author of Dynamic Retirement: A Guide to Transforming Your Life, and artist.

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