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I’m Marta Rocha.  I am a therapist in private practice and a host of a morning radio talk show on WLKF 1430 AM where I give advice every week on how to build strong and lasting relationships.

I am so happy to share that I found the tools to build strong and lasting love connections that allowed me to create love beyond my own wishes!  I believe that love is possible and that all of us can learn to overcome our struggles and build an everlasting connection!  I am passionate about helping individuals and couples build strong relationships and experience true intimacy, partnership, trust, and a fulfilling sexual connection!

I have done extensive study in Counseling and Psychology and through my research, I found tools that I have shared with both men and women in counseling.  You can also find tips on how to Build A Stronger Relationship and contact me by going to my website.

We want to feel connected and have someone special to share our lives with.  As human beings, we are born to connect through relationships; however, disappointments and difficult experiences may make us feel hopeless, leading us to believe that love is impossible.  A participant from one of my workshops had asked me, “My boyfriend and I don’t stop fighting? I don’t know how to even get back on track…we are so disconnected.  In the beginning we were so in love and things were going well, but now, we are like two strangers.  Can you help us?”  I was so happy to help them learn more about themselves, develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills, and discover how to connect and deepen their relationship. 

I am grateful to be able to help so many people in their journey of discovering themselves and creating love in their lives.  My purpose is to inspire men and women to take the chance to experience LOVE!

I would be honored to guide and inspire you.  Click here to schedule your appointment.  Sessions are available at the office, by phone and through Skype.

I challenge you to take the chance of experiencing LOVE.

With Love,



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