Why Men Can Only Do One Thing At A Time

Men and women are supposed to be equal right? Well, for certain things yes. For example, equal pay, equal rights etc. But men and women's brains are not equal. Science can actually explain the reasons men and women do the things they do. Research shows that the female brain operates differenly than the male brain. Each has been trained by millions of years of evolution. This is the source of many of the problems and miscomminuction between the sexes.

Women are multi taskers and often cannot understand why men can seem to only do one thing at a time. My goodness, a woman can drive a car while putting on her make-up and talking on her hands free phone, but a man will miss his exit on the freeway because his wife was talking to him. That is because the male brain is compartmentalized and specialized to concentrate on one specific task at once. It may seem limiting to a woman, but it enables a man to become a specialist on one subject.

A woman uses both sides of her brain which enables her to multitrack many activities.

In caveman days, men were responsible for hunting and bringing home food. They needed skills to hone in on one target. Women on the other hand were home defending the nest and needed to perform several activities simutaneously with a wide peripheral vision to monitor their surroundings.

I used to go into my husband's studio when he was working on a project and start talking to him about something I needed help with or advice.  At first he couldn't even hear me, and then when I would press the issue, he would get extremely aggitated because he was concentrating on one thing, the task at hand. Now I wait until he is relaxed and not doing something else before approaching him with my problems. That way I can get his undivided attention with no arguments.

Understanding this one difference between male and female brain function will do wonders for your relationship.

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