On Aging Gracefully And Being (Naturally) Gorgeous In Your 60s

Good news! The gracefully aging beauty look is becoming a trend.

Personal Development Coach: How To Age Gracefully Over 50

In our youth obsessed culture, many women feel the pressure to stay as young looking as possible for as long as possible. Sadly, this pressure can lead some women to take drastic measures such as plastic surgery. Many of these procedures can be dangerous or turn out badly, leaving the woman regretting such a desperate move.

In my opinion, the most beautiful women are those that choose to age gracefully and embrace their femininity and power. I like knowing that age is something that is natural and happens to us all, yet I can stand firm in the knowledge that with age comes wisdom, humor, and a comfortableness in my own skin that was not available to me when when I was in my twenties. I don't know about you, but it gives me a confidence and sense of friskiness and adventure.


I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who had just turned 65. She explained that she now gets Medicare, so she no longer has to pay the almost $800 per month premium for health insurance. She is also getting social security. "I never knew how many perks there would be to getting old," she laughed. A sense of humor definitely helps as we witness the changes in our face staring back at us in the mirror.

Speaker and author, Rita Davenport used to say, "to avoid noticing wrinkles when looking in a compact mirror, just smile and move your head around a lot!"

Perhaps the gracefully aging beauty look is becoming a trend? I was thrilled to hear that 64-year-old Jessica Lange is the new face for Marc Jacobs. And, according to New York Magazine, 68-year-old actress Charlotte Rampling will be the new face of NARS, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September. François Nars, the brand's founder and creative director, will be shooting his muse in black-and-white, portrait-style images. Fabulous!


I just adore model Carmen Dell'Orefice. She landed her first Vogue cover at age 15, and her latest cover, at age 82. The world's "oldest working model" shows no signs of slowing down — even after a double-knee-replacement surgery. Carmen continues to pose for big-name brands like Rolex and even struts her stuff on the catwalk.

Models aged 35 plus are in demand now as boomers want to see someone they can relate to. The Los Angeles Times stated companies didn't suddenly become smitten with stretch marks. The trend is driven by the $2-trillion spending power of baby boomers — born between 1946 and 1964 — who make up 26% of the population. After all, what middle-aged woman wants to buy moisturizer from a model who's too young to order a martini?

It looks like the sky is the limit as long as we take care of ourselves. Nothing illustrates this more than 95-year-old, Tao Porchon-Lynch, Master Yoga teacher, author, and award winning world-class ballroom dancer. She proves that age really is just a number

Tao is a living advertisement for how to tap into our human potential. She is unique in her ability to overcome the effects of aging to control her body and mind in harmony with Yoga's principles. Tao's philosophy is "There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us. I'm going to teach yoga until I can't breathe anymore. Then I'll just fly away to the next planet ... I just, I love yoga, it brightens my day and makes everybody smile."


What are some of Tao's secrets you might be wondering? She says that she follows a vegetarian diet, eating small meals through out the day, and doing what she loves. She has learned that finding your passion is related to inner happiness and never giving up is essential for everlasting happiness. You must know that nothing is impossible.

What are your secrets to staying young in mind, body and soul? Share them in the comments! 

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