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5 Reasons Acting Like A Child Is The Secret To Winning His Heart

act like a child

I am a matchmaker. I match high net worth men with intelligent, worldly women.

My clients have "impressive" resumes and often tend to have Type A personalities—out to conquer the world and get sh*t done.

Hey, that's great in business, but problems arise when singles take their adult Type A maneuvers out into the dating arena.

If you want to find love, it's time to stop acting like such an uptight adult all the time. Instead, I propose acting like a child. Yes, that's right ... act like a kid. I don't mean act like an immature brat, I mean turn back time a remember when life was more carefree.

Infusing a bit of that kid spirit into your mindset can do wonders for your dating life.

Here are five reasons acting like a kid is a wise way to approach dating:

1. #YOLOKids totally live in the moment.

Women tend to get way ahead of themselves and are already imagining themselves walking down the aisle, and picking out names for their first-born before the first date ends. Meanwhile, the guy is just trying to figure out whether he wants to even see you again. Be present. Live in the moment. Enjoy the date you're on NOW. Worry about the future later. 

2. Kids express their feelings openly, then move on and get back to joy.

Emotional game playing doesn't work. So, try being open with who you are and how you feel. No, that doesn't mean tell him that your last egg is about to drop and you need to get pregnant now—but you can still be unapologetically honest about your feelings. How refreshing!

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3. It doesn't take much to please a kid.

Take them to a big pricey event and they're thrilled with the $3.50 soft pretzel. Guys love a low-maintenance woman who appreciates the little things. If you can act as thrilled with an egg salad sandwich at a picnic as you are about a steak and lobster dinner, you will have his heart. P.S. It's fun and endearing to watch a woman light up about life's subtle but wonderful details. So, let yourself be delighted by life.

4. They're light-hearted and affectionate

And isn't that what we all want—to share fun and love together? If a kid falls down and scrapes his/her knee, they cry for thirty seconds and then get on with the fun. If the suddenly want to hug you (or a chicken) they just DO. Kids walk through life with their hearts wide open. That's why we find them enchanting. 

5. Kids are spontaneous and just go for it!

If you are the type of woman who takes an hour to get ready, think about getting back to basics. Life is waiting for you out there (and so is your date). A kid is up for anything pretty much on a moment's notice. Seeking fun and adventure is their main pastime. That's because kids understand that variety is the spice of life. So, spice it up, girl. 

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