Valentine’s Advice All Boyfriends/ Husbands Should Read


Newsflash: You're definitely buying flowers, and you're absolutely sending them to her office.

If you have any sense at all, you are currently ordering Valentine’s Day flowers for the woman you are dating or married to.

Theoretically, Valentine’s Day is about proclaiming the love you have for the woman in your life; she’ll appreciate your token or gesture of love in any setting, whether you hand her flowers in the privacy of your house, take her out to a romantic dinner, or just whisper “I love you” in her ear when you arrive home from work. But take it from me. Want to really score brownie points this V-day? Send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers at her office!

You see, in an ideal world, giving her flowers at home would be just fine. But in the real world – let’s face it — women are bitches. What’s the point of buying overpriced flowers if it won’t gather the attention of envious female co-workers? That’s what women really want!

Having flowers delivered to the office screams, ”I am loved!! Look at me!” Other women will scoff at this, but secretly, they’re jealous that the flower delivery guy has yet to call their name.

This, of course, should not be misinterpreted that flowers delivered on February 14 at her home is a bad idea. Flowers are always appreciated, and though the gesture is the same, it just much more fun, satisfying and pompous in a public space.

Just picture it.

Each time the office door opens, women pretend not to notice, but their hearts beat just a bit faster, anticipating, wondering, if you were as thoughtful as the husband of the evil woman in the next cubicle.

Upon delivery of office flowers, twenty minutes will be spent grooming the flowers (which of course, were delivered in a vase). She’ll find the perfect spot on her desk to showcase your love. She’ll have the dented “ugly” side of the bouquet face her, and the beautiful blooms face out.

She will be the envy of the office. She’ll really love you for that.