About ME

Maria Avgitidis, or "The Date Coach", provides solutions in dating and relationships. As a fourth generation matchmaker, Maria is an astute observer of how various personality types interact with each other. Together these skills allow her to find and nurture romantic relationships for her clients, and often help improve their platonic relationships as well.

Based in New York City, Maria also provides opportunities for singles to meet every month, by hosting creative and fun singles events, showcasing the silly and the sexy side of New York City. For information on upcoming events, go to http://mariathedatecoach.com/events or sign up for her newsletter to http://mariathedatecoach.com/newsletter.

You can also find Maria at http://agapematch.com.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thedatecoach

Facebook: http://facebook.com/thedatecoach and http://facebook.com/agapematch