3 Mistakes Women ALWAYS Make When They Suspect Their Man's Cheating

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You've noticed something weird about your man. He's all about himself and away from home a lot more these days. He's on his phone more than usual and never lets his phone out of his sight. You just can't shake this feeling that he might be up to something — and that something is cheating.

Before you confront him, don't make these three mistakes that women make all-too-often when they suspect their man is cheating.

1. You lose your cool when you react to suspicions.

Your emotions can run away from you when you suspect that the man you love has been cheating on you. You can lose your cool and go on a rampage of. While this is the natural reaction to suspecting that the love of your life has been cheating on you, it isn't the best reaction.

Your man will naturally defend himself and tell you that you are crazy, and in all seriousness, you probably do appear a bit crazed (cheating will do that to you). What this reaction will do is just turn the tables back on you, making you look like the crazy, jealous, paranoid woman who thinks her man is up to no good. There's no solid justification for what you are claiming.

2. You confront him without having proof.

You can claim "cheater" all you want, but if have you no proof of it, you are just going on a hunch. That won't hold, and will only make him nervous and become even better at hiding his infidelity.

When you confront your man, you want to be armed with the proof of his cheating so he can't say that you are wrong. You can't be wrong if you have inappropriate emails and text messages. You are definitely not wrong if you have pictures of them kissing and/or having sex. The more indecent you can get, the better.

3. You confront the other woman.

Many women who find out their man has been cheating will immediately take it out on the woman they have been seeing. Wrong! That woman has committed no wrong. Yes, she knew that your man was taken and she shouldn't have been with him, but your man made the decision to enter into a relationship with her knowing full well what he was doing.

The fault still remains with your partner. Leave their relationship alone and let your man figure it out. If he wants to be with her, let them be and you can start the healing process. If he wants to leave her and reconnect with you, and you want to repair the damage he has caused in your relationship, you can both start the healing process together.

Going after his side dish could lead him right back into her arms. As hard as it is to stomach, he does love her and any ill intentions towards her will hurt him. It's best that you don't inflict that towards her, even if she has indirectly caused you the worst emotional pain you have ever felt.