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About Magloire Aguirre

I am a certified professional coach (ACC), a transformational educator and a speaker. I joined the corporate world for more than 20 years where I had a remarkable career, working on the technology field first, and then, in the professional development area; both in the learning industry. 

Early in my career, I was in charge of developing a country training area for one corporation in the field of communications. Later, I entered a prestigious consulting firm, where I had the opportunity to be a regional leader for a Latin American project team while interacting with people from across the world.

I am the founder of Despierta y Vive tus Sueños (Wake Up and Live Your Dreams) where I am dedicated to helping people who have a long career path, and who are ready for a new stage in their lives to achieve their full potential by creating a clear vision that gives them more energy, health, tranquility, balance and fulfillment. I also work on programs related to increase well-being at work (Stress and Anxiety Management) and Emotional Intelligence.

I am an expert in modalities such as Mindfulness, EFT, Dreamwork, art therapy and others that complement my coaching practice.

I hold a Bachelor in Education, a specialization in International Business Management, an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology, and a certification as a Professional Coach.

I enjoy walking in nature, writing, reading, learning, teaching, traveling, as well as exploring the dreams of day and night.  

“The studies and experiences I have embarked on in the past years tremendously support my current work and mission. Those have helped me to acknowledge different approaches to life as well as ways of knowing and being in the world such as the personal and the transpersonal, the individual and the collective, the east and the west, the science and religion, the ancient and modern methods, among others. For clients’ benefit, I have developed a vision that integrates a wide range of learning experiences and possibilities, as well as all human dimensions: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, community/relational, creative expression, diversity, and ecological.

I also recognize the importance of my studies and experiences in both the management field and the learning industry in the corporate world where I have been working with teams from all over the world for more than 20 years. My educational background as well as my personal and work experiences are relevant to my present philosophy, career competencies, and future objectives. These are the bases I bring to my work and to my programs devoted to personal development.

I am passionate about the immanent and transcendent dimensions of human experience. There are many possibilities to explore life because the nature of human experience is open-ended. I invite people to approach your daily life with an open heart and mind.”

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