3 Ways Condoms Can Make Ladies Very Sexy

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Throw your condom buying excuses away and add some very "sexy" to your arsenal.

All right, girls, we’ve all heard the hype and the “reasons” (AKA excuses) for why we shouldn’t have to be the ones to buy condoms. We’ve heard that it’s a man’s responsibility to protect himself, just like we've heard it’s our responsibility to be on the pill or some other form of birth control

Who can blame us?  We don’t want the embarrassment of going in a store to buy condoms, or we don’t want the awkward conversation with a guy about why we already have condoms.

At the end of the day, though, every excuse just opens us up to more harm than anything else. 

The good news is that there is a delightful answer to each of these problems all wrapped up in one amazing website: LuckyBloke.com.


We’ll call these answers the 3 Ways Condoms Make Ladies Sexy:

#1: Be exotic!

Although what is considered fashionable changes frequently—sometimes it even seems like a daily change—one thing that consistently remains in vogue is a touch of the exotic. Fashionistas around the nation are wearing European cut blouses, Tahitian pearls, and Italian shoes. We do this because a touch of the exotic makes us feel really sexy. Lucky Bloke offers condoms that come from all corners of the world that allow us to bring that exotic feel to our sex lives. There are Billy Boy beaded condoms from Germany, Beyond Seven condoms with aloe from Japan, and even condoms from Sweden and Australia.

With one or more of these condoms in your purse or nightstand, the next time you have an intimate encounter, you can take a trip around the world. Now that’s sexy!

#2: Be enthusiastic!

Time and again we’ve heard men say that enthusiasm in bed is so sexy, but there are some things that simply don't inspire enthusiasm. For example, think about giving him oral sex while he’s wearing a condom. Even the flavored ones have such a strong taste of latex, as soon as you get started you get immediate flash-backs to your last trip to the dentist. Oh yeah, that’s fun, right? Yet if you don’t use a condom you could be opening yourself up to health risks, and that’s no good, either.

That’s where Lucky Bloke comes to the rescue with flavored condoms from GLYDE. Where most companies add a dusting of flavoring on top of the latex, GLYDE condoms are organic, vegan, and made from natural ingredients that keep the flavor at the forefront.

GLYDE's flavored condoms are absolutely delicious, and if the man you put them on is, too, you’re in for a really good time!

#3: Be confident!

Confidence is such a key part of every woman’s “sexy” arsenal, it comes as no surprise that confidence in the sack increases her sex appeal dramatically. Yet if you are expecting your man to provide protection for you both, your confidence can quickly go down the tubes. What if he didn’t bring a condom? What if he did, but the kind he brought is uncomfortable for you, no fun, or you’re allergic to it?

What if he only brought one condom and you guys are up for Round 2, or even Round 3?

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