Should You Date Him?

Romantic love has been called the only acceptable form of insanity. How can you stay sane while dating? The first and most important step is to choose wisely who you allow to be in your life.

When deciding whether you want to date someone, keep these three simple words in mind:  STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

STOP: Stop freaking out. Stop thinking he’s “the one”.  Stop thinking he’ll “save you”. Stop calling all your girlfriends and talking for hours about someone you barely know. Stop worrying what he thinks about you and ask yourself how you feel when you are with him.  Stop making him so important, so soon.

LOOK: Observe. How does he treat others, especially service people (waiters, waitresses)? He may be nice to you today, but eventually, he’ll probably treat you the same way.

Is his car/apartment clean and tidy or does it look like a tornado came through?? If he doesn’t respect himself enough to keep a clean environment around him, it’s unlikely he has much respect for anyone else.

Does he keep his word?  Does he call when he says he will and show up on time?  If he doesn’t, he’s either playing games or doesn’t have it together.

One of the best ways to find out what someone is really like is to be in the passenger seat while they’re driving.  Do they get angry easily?  Do they cut off other drivers or swear at them? If you really want to push the envelope, try giving a few directions. Yes, guys hate that, which is exactly why you want to do it. You want to see his reaction. If he’s a hot head, better you find out sooner than later.

LISTEN: How does he talk about other people, especially his mother and his exes. If he doesn’t speak highly of his mother, the woman that gave birth to him and was there for him while he growing up, he probably has a problem with women.

What about his ex?  Was she a “bitch, psycho or ho”?  How does he communicate? Can he express himself without yelling?  If he can’t, he has the emotional maturity of a five year old, and who wants to be with a five year old?  There is never any need to yell unless there’s a fire.