Your Man & Sex: 3 Things To Remember

man and sex

When it comes to sex, guys are simple, right? Wrong. It's not all about naughty lingerie and surprise blow jobs. It's about fulfilling his deepest sexual needs. But sometimes, a matter of differing perspectives between men and women can cause confusion in the bedroom. Understanding how your man views sex will strengthen your relationship — not to mention, your sex life! So here are three things to remember to keep your men from becoming uninterested in sex or (even worse) straying away from the relationship.

1. Men have a very strong sexual mentality. Men give off sexual vibes all day, every day, leaving the women to pick on those vibes and become attracted to that man. Most men who are in committed relationships become stagnant to sex. It's not that the man isn't attracted to the woman anymore — it just becomes very routine for him. He becomes bored of "the chase" and feels like he's already caught his "prey."

So make him feel like a hunter again. If your relationship has lost the thrill of the chase, he may still be committed to the relationship, but he won't want having sex as much as he used to.

2. Men hate pressure. I am going to say this again to make sure you pay close attention men hate pressure! Yes, when men feel under pressure or feel like they are obligated to do something, they shut down, quit and want to run like a wild animal. That's anything but sexy.

So if your sex life has come to a screeching halt and you're pressuring your man to give you some, there's a real good chance you're just making matters worse than they were before. Can I let you in on a little secret? If you don't want sex to ruin this relationship, you must find ways for your man to think it's his idea and make him initiate the sexual play. How can you do this? By getting him in to that hunter's mindset again.

Tease him, make him think he almost has you and then surprise him. Men love to be in control, even if they don't act like it, they want to be in control during sexual play. Give your man control and you'll be amazed at his reaction.

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3. Men like when you invite your girl friends over. This may sound really weird, but it works like a charm. If your man is uninterested in sex and you're trying to wake him up out of his sex comma, the best way to get his attention and make him realize how much he wants you, is to invite girl friends over. Have more girl nights; have your friends rendezvous at your place so he can see you all dressed up for a night out. Walk out the door with nothing but a hug and peck on the cheek.

Remember, men love to be in control. If you head out the door looking like you're single again, hitting the town with the girls, he will be home all night waiting and wondering.

Don't make him jealous or upset, just grab his attention enough that he starts to wake up out of that fog he's been in.