Why Men Lust And Not Love You

The transparency of lust and love, how can you figure what which is which, according to the professionals, they say Love and Lust, are so similar to one another that people get so caught up and confused so easily, they mistake Lust for Love.

In 2013 you see so much happening here, with relationships failing,couples doing open relationships to spice things up and such, where is the Love in that? SEX is a major connection between a couple but sex also is something that should be shared between the two who are in LOVE, not open to others.

Do you know if your boyfriend or even that guy your engaged to really loves you? Or is it deep Lust between the two of you that no one can think clearly or wisely about the reality that will hit you in the future.

What you can do is read this article on my blog, a professional posted it today, it really shines way more light on this topic then I could ever share with you.

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My advice would be take a step back, really examine the relationship, take sex out of it just for a little while and see what else there is between the two of you.

If it's really love your heart and emotions will tell you to move forward. If it's all lust you will do nothing but think about how great the sex is, how much you love the romance, and the touch of his hands and body.

P.S be careful to run in to something that may ben and ending road up head, you want a solid future not a dirt path that will get you stuck.

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