2 Signs He DEFINITELY Wants To Be Your Boyfriend (SQUEE!)

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Signs That He Wants To Be Your Boyfriend

Women have a bad habit of giving their love to a man because they like him or are in love with him, even when there is no investment on the man's part.

We, as human beings, are always communicating our needs, wants, and desires to each other. All you have to do is be vigilant and listen to his words. Hear them at face value and not your interpretation, bending the words into a pretzel to mean what you would like to hear.

If a man says to you "I am not looking for a relationship right now," guess what? He is not looking for a relationship right now. If a man says "meeting up with my friends is cheaper than dating" he is not putting you on the priority list.

The clues are always there; you just have to listen as an observer and not continue to think, "Oh but I so want him to be my boyfriend." Are you in need of a person or a person of value?


Here are two signs that a guy wants to be your boyfriend. 

  1. He steps up: A guy that is into to you does not want to lose you and will step up his actions as the relationship progress.
  2. He wants a commitment: If a guy is serious about the relationship, within 6-8 weeks you will know. Otherwise, he will continue getting away with what you are allowing. Don't directly ask him, but communicate your desire for a committed relationship to him and he will either disappear or step up.

Pay attention to his actions. Words that are not followed by actions are a clear indication he's not that into you.

For example, Sandra has been dating Paul for a couple of weeks. He said he would call her on Friday, but never did. Instead, Paul called her on Sunday at 8 p.m. and asked her if she could meet in an hour.

Sandra has two options: she could drop all of her plans and meet Paul, or she could communicate to Paul that she would really love to catch up, but Sunday is too short notice and Thursday or Friday would be better.

Paul apologizes for his sloppy behavior and agrees to meet Sandra on Thursday evening. Sandra was clear about how she wanted to be treated, and Paul's actions reflect his interest in her.

Men always demonstrate how much they value you by their actions. If a man wants you he will always step up.


I was chatting one evening in a bar with a gorgeous man who said to me, "Men are so simple that they make it complicated for girls."

What great insight!

Remember this, men are straight forward, so let go of the need to read into everything. If he's not being the boyfriend you want him to be, let him go. Leave room for the right man by letting go of the wrong man. It is that simple.

If you follow these guidelines, you are already making great strides. Honestly, it's easy. When you meet the right guy for you, it flows effortlessly.

Do all relationships have challenges? Yes, but a relationship that is heading in the right direction will evolve itself organically over time easily and effortlessly with no over thinking on your part. So relax and enjoy the journey.

Be okay with the dating process, though it can be uncomfortable at times when you don’t know where the relationship is going. Remember, the man who wants you will always make the effort.

This article was originally published at BadBoy Breakthrough. Reprinted with permission from the author.