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Attorney, Author, Divorce Coach, Life Coach, Mediator, Mentor, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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"We are stepping into a Golden Age, one where everyone is responsible for their own life experience. It is my job to help you find and then stay on YOUR path. In my experience, Forgiveness is one of the keys, a cornerstone actually, to let go of the past and to create the kind of life YOU want to live." Lori Rubenstein 

About Lori Rubenstein

I am a divorce recovery coach, mediator and forgiveness teacher. I have helped thousands of people transform their lives, and can help you transform yours. What I have learned after 18 years as a family attorney and 14+ years of divorce coaching, is that forgiveness is the cornerstone of all healing. I am a passionate advocate for personal growth and work with people one on one, in groups, and by phone. As an intuitive guide, I can help you find your path, your truth, and help you find your way back to wholeness. 

Raised by a teen mother in the projects, I became a compassionate warrior for the underdog and as a divorce attorney and relationship coach, my life work, my mission, is to help others heal from the pain and hurts caused by relationships.

I have been in your shoes. Divorced twice and a mother to children in their early 20’s, I found and married the love of my life at age 49! How do you do that? You break down your walls (you know what I’m talking about), forgive those who have hurt you, and then forgive yourself for feeling like a fool, for not knowing better, for all the mistakes you keep beating yourself up about. OK, then the real work starts.J You start working on yourself, with my help, to become the BEST person you can be to attract the BEST partner into your life. The path to a great spiritual partnership starts with YOU. Are you ready?

Divorce and getting back out there in the dating world takes courage. And it takes hard work. I do not have a magic pill, sorry. Visit my website and see where I am speaking, peek at my on-line products and enjoy! 

Among many accomplishments, I am most proud of these:

For a full listing of audios, books and other programs, visit Lori’s Store. To Coach with me, contact me at Lori@LoriRubenstein.com and to get a monthly newsletter text the word "forgive" to 22828. 


Lori Rubenstein Success Stories

Divorce Healing Brings Joyful 2nd Marriage

I have been meaning to send you a brief write up about how awesome you are,  Lori. I'm engaged now to a wonderful man, date is set for April 2. I can credit my time working with you for giving me a "thoughtful reset" around my approach to relationships. Taking the time to do the work , and with your guidance, I can say I am a real success story. All the issues in my former marriage were difficult to work through on my own.  S.B., Maryland, USA

From Avalanche of Emotions During Divorce to Insight, Wholeness, & Growth

I was totally unprepared for the avalanche of emotions that were released when facing the end of my twenty year marriage.  I was really frightened and overwhelmed by all the changes that I had to make and by how it would affect the lives of my children. more

Fortunately, a friend told me about Lori and how she helped coach people through the process.

Once I started working with Lori, and doing the assignments she gave me from her book, Transcending Divorce, I turned a huge corner.  From my very first conversation with Lori, I knew she “got it.”  Lori listened attentively, with compassion, but also with the conviction that along with all the challenges, there was a profound opportunity.  I could move into a new place, and emerge into a more whole me.  It didn’t take long before I began to see my situation in a larger perspective and appreciate the real growth and acceptance that it brought into my life.   Thank you Lori!  Alice D, Scottsdale


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