14 Super-Bizarre Things You NEVER Knew About Your Boobs

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Bizarre Things You May Not Know about Your Boobs

Boobs are not as straightforward as you might think. We are fascinated by them so much so, that both men and women often look at a woman’s boobs before looking at anything else! 

(Yes, she really is staring at your boobs and it doesn’t necessarily mean she is interested in you!)

Here are 14 bizarre but REAL things you need to know about your boobs and breast health:

1. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women

Seriously. This statistic is the same in the USA and in the UK. This number relates to invasive breast cancer. OK, this may not be seriously bizarre, but it is something you should know about your boobs.

2. Frequent breast massages stimulate normal cell growth and reproduction.

Why do you need to know this? Because doing this may prevent breast cancer. Including erotic breast massage in your daily routine can do more than raise your orgasmic potential.

3. The average hard nipple is about as tall as a stack of 5 quarters.

That's about 0.38 inches. This one looks like great fun to research. First, grab the measuring tape. Then get your nipple really hard and measure. Are you average? 

4. We produce breast milk that is sweeter than cow’s milk.   

Many breastfeeding women taste their own breast milk. There is a whole community of people who have a fetish for breast feeding. These folks ask why it is OK to drink milk from other species but not from our own. 

5. China offers a degree in bra studies.  

Hong Kong Polytechnic offers the degree. China’s largest lingerie manufacturer (makes 60 million bras per year) has a bra lab as well. 

Research is done into the best padding to use and where to put it to create the best silhouettes. These bras are eventually sold through Victoria’s Secret, Playtex, and Maidenform as well as other famous bra labels.

6. Breasts contain no muscle. 

Exercising doesn't make them firm. In order to create a firmer appearance, exercising pectoral muscles is necessary. This will tone your chest as much as possible.

7. Smoker’s breasts sag more than non-smokers. 


This is because chemicals in cigarettes that break down elastin in the body. Another great reason to avoid cigarettes.

8. Caffeine can make your boobs more sensitive. 

This may be a good thing — if sensitive means easier to arouse. It could be annoying if sensitive means tender and painful.

9. Nipples come in 8 different types. 

These include puffy, flat and inverted. Drawings of all 8 types can be found here. Different nipple types can mean different types of stimulation.

10. The most sensitive part of the breast is the area just above the nipple.  

11. Some women can reach orgasm through breast stimulation and nothing else. 

There has been a bunch of research on this now. Not terribly surprising as nipples have more than 800 nerve endings. 

Breast stimulation releases the hormone oxytocin which is the love and bonding hormone. It’s a seriously feel good hormone that creates feelings of closeness, pleasure, and calm. Stimulating nipples will give you a closer bond with your partner.

12. Breasts come in a REALLY wide range of sizes from AAA to L! 

L was only added in 2011 so either we are growing bigger naturally or cosmetic surgery is creating ever larger breasts.

13. Scientists think our plump breasts are like the round, bright, red bum cheeks of our ape ancestors. 

Apes and other animals only have full breasts when they are breastfeeding. At other times, their breasts are flat.

Scientists reckon that our breasts are a way to signal to males that we can feed the babies. As plump breasts are made up primarily of fat outside of breastfeeding times, they could also signal that a woman is fertile. Flat chested young girls are not fertile nor are sunken chested old women.

14. Breastfeeding has a bunch of benefits for the mother.


It makes her more attuned to her own child’s crying. It lowers the chance of postnatal depression. It can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

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