7 Reasons Being An Extrovert Is A TRUE Gift To Modern-Day Society

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Find out why an Extrovert is a gift in your life.

For many years, extroverts were the preferred personality trait. Then it became cool to be an Introvert. The point is that each personality type is a gift and the key is knowing how to utilize extroverts' gifts to their greatest capacity. 

Extroverts help the world move forward by putting themselves out there and being the risk-takers when many of us are afraid. They are conscientious, friendly, and you usually know where you stand with them.

Here's how they add a special richness to life and why you and our society needs them:

1. Extroverts are relationship gurus. 


Relationships make the world go around. Whether it's professional or personal, being able to connect with people is key. Whoever you need to meet, an extrovert can help you do that.

Need a new job, significant other, a project funded, or just terrified at a party, stick by your outgoing buddy. They will keep you safe and comfortable as they make introductions, keep the conversation flowing and help everyone feel more at ease.

This is especially helpful if you are shy or if it takes you longer to get to know people. They have stories and information that connect you to others that come right off the top of their heads. They provide that important "in" for you to be able to take off with that new person.

2. Extroverts will do your dirty work — and they love it.

These sociable beings will put themselves and ideas right out there for everyone to love or hate. They are straight-shooters and enthusiastic about their beliefs and passions. They know they may take a hit by some, but are typically savvy enough to handle it.

If you're scared to say it, they will probably do it for you. 

They command a room and tell a story like nobody's business. Just watch the show come alive — then you decide if and when you're going to jump in. And don't worry, if it's going wrong, they'll figure out how to deal with the situation or move on to another hot topic.

3. Extroverts will entertain you.


If you're bored, need some spice in your life or just need a good laugh, call your gregarious companion. They have endless, humorous stories and will pull you out of a funk faster then a speeding bullet.

I've heard others say that an extrovert brightens up a room or makes any event come alive. With our news providing so much tragedy and negative content, we all need that breath of fresh air that reminds us that life can be fun.

4. Extroverts will get you off your phone

Sure extroverts love their technology. However, talking and being social is number one for them. They want to communicate with you and find out what is happening in your world.

They want to tell you about their experiences and if you're lucky, they will listen long enough to let you get a couple words in too.

They naturally pull you toward them which is much better then the two of you sitting there staring at your phones.

5. Extroverts will become your very own human Google service.


Converse with them long enough and they will point you in the right direction of whatever you need in life. They know lots of people and those people have referrals. They will find your next stylist and introduce you to your next boss or your next lover.

They enjoy making things happen for other people so connecting with one gets you what you need. Worried about your pet, your health, or who the heck is going to haul away your couch, they know what to do.

6. Extroverts will excite you.

Extroverts tire easily. of the same old thing. They look for new and exciting experiences and will bring you long for the ride if you like. They are persuasive so they will actually pull you along whether you like it or not.

Trying new things will enhance your creativity and open up new opportunities that add zest to your life.

7. Extroverts bring you social experiences that lead to happiness.


According to Dan Buettner from his article in Psychology Today entitled "Are Extroverts Happier Than Introverts?", research supports the keys to happiness lie in having a sense of purpose, self acceptance and a supportive social network, which both personality types can form."

Several studies on happiness also confirm that having some good friends and at least one close relationship are key to feeling your best. Extroverts provide opportunities for that ever important social interaction needed in your life.

The bottom line is information overload is a real thing and not everyone can handle it. We need help to manage the never-ending knowledge and data coming our way in this day and age.

Experiencing a good extrovert in your life means finding someone that not only helps you through the chaos but also has the depth to be a good friend. When that gift is given to you, appreciate it, honor it, say thank you and enjoy the ride.

Lori Peters is a radio show host, writer, and speaker in happiness and well-being. Check out her free resources, services and sign up for her monthly newsletter at the Happiness Hangout. You can also find all of Lori's happiness information in one location by clicking here.