8 Ways To Get Over A Break-Up Quickly

Staring at the pieces of your shattered relationship will only get you down. Get a dust pan, sweep them up and move on!

Life goes by too quickly for any of us to spend time (wasted time) mulling over an ex. I know it’s hard to move on, but don’t put it off.  It’s truly one of the best ways to be happy.  The longer you dwell on your failed relationship the more you’ll stay stuck in the past.  Soon misery will become your new best friend. It’s important to get on the ball and do a few things that will help you get over your ex now.

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1) Future Plans: It’s time to make your post-break-up plans. Create goals for yourself right away

2) Do Something Nice for Yourself: If you spend time on doing something special for yourself, it will make you feel upbeat about being single.

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3) Do Something Nice for Someone Else: When you’re feeling down it always helps to lift up someone else’s spirits.  It’s gratifying to know that you've done something to make someone else happy.

4) Put Your Feelings on Paper: Write down your thoughts about your break-up and being single. Writing your feelings on paper is a great way to heal.

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