10 Ways To Enjoy A Fantastic Finish To Your Year

Finish the year off strong!


Since Labor Day is behind us now and the end of the year is in sight, you have time to make the most of the next few months. If you focus right now on finishing strong, you ensure the satisfaction of a year well lived.

Here are 10 ways you can maximize the rest of the year:

  1. Delete or de-commit to projects, activities or groups that have lost their meaning. Perhaps they sounded like a good idea before, but if something feels heavy and not in alignment with your current goals, let it go. Even if you need to give a few months' notice and transition out or to someone else, extricate yourself from things that no longer lift you up or light your fire.
  2. Reconnect to what brings you deep meaning and a feeling of purpose. Write out or create a visual representation of what I call your magnificent obsession. What is that one thing that seems most important right now? Display prominently on your desk or mirror your written statement or picture where you will see it daily.
  3. Own your problems and stop using the word "problem." Look at adversity as an issue or challenge that you can overcome and use those words instead of ‘problem’. Realize your interpretation of events might be the issue. Take action or reframe your challenge and do something about it.
  4. Focus on completing dangling, unfinished business. If you started something, finish it or give it to someone else to do. Avoid taking on new projects until you have finished or delegated what is already on your plate. If you left something unsaid that will give you closure, say it now.
  5. Give back to yourself. Take time for you and avoid over-extending yourself and your energy. Give yourself time to relax, unwind, have fun, laugh and make space for some of your favorite pastimes. Consider a wellness visit to a healthcare practitioner that makes you feel better such as massage or acupuncture.
  6. Connect with those you love. Be present during conversations with good eye contact and your undivided attention. Realize that an in-person conversation is the most important point of your focus. Your phone can wait. And if you love someone who is not in front of you, call them and really talk with them—without multitasking at the same time!
  7. Give out smiles and hugs. Everyone is struggling with something, so express compassion and reach out to someone you sense needs a boost. A little recognition and acknowledgement might make someone's day and cause a positive ripple effect.
  8. Notice the beauty around you. See the seasons change and get out and take in the full sensory experience of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Take a walk in nature or a park and let the magic of the outdoors soak into you.
  9. Plan a weekend away or a vacation. Avoid the tendency to postpone travel because you are busy. Carve out time to get away and change your scenery. Go somewhere new or an old favorite spot. Get out of your daily routine and shift gears.
  10. Review and connect with your bucket list. If you don't have a bucket list or it is just in your head, write it down! Ideally search for pictures that represent each item and create a dream notebook or vision board that displays special adventures and goals. Then make plans to do at least one bucket list item before the end of the year!

Live your life now making every day a terrific day. If you have slipped into a rut or feel stuck and frustrated, you can make one of these changes today and feel better. Life is precious so seize the day and create a life well lived!


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