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12 Romantic Holiday Date Ideas

12 Romantic Holiday Date Ideas [EXPERT]

Christmas is for kids, right? Well, Christmas can be for couples, too.

Although many people don't think of it this way, the holidays actually produce ample time, space and just the right energy to really ramp up the romance in your relationship.

Think about it, you probably have a few extra days off work between Christmas and New Years, the pace slows down once the work and family obligations are out of the way, and you notice that everyone is feeling merrier and bright, generous and loving. During the holidays, conditions are ripe to really create a love life that excites you!

Recently, I put the question out to my facebook community and compiled these 12 ideas of romantic things you and your special someone can do together over the holidays to reconnect and reignite your passion.

1. Take a walk in the park;
2. Go ice skating;
3. Sip hot chocolate (or something a little stronger) by the fire;
4. Rent a cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway;
5. Share a dessert by candlelight;
6. Cook a meal together;
7. Have a leisurely breakfast in bed;
8. Spend the evening at the theatre;
9. Take a drive to "nowhere in particular" and stop whenever inspired to enjoy the scenery; or
10. Park in a secluded spot (be sure to have lots of blankets) and gaze at the stars.

You'll notice that most of these suggestions don't cost a lot of money. The truth is, the most romantic thing you can do with your partner is to give each other undivided attention. That gift is priceless. Christmas is all about giving. Give your heart. You will feel truly blessed. 

Yours in possibility,


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