The Relationship Secret You Need To Steal From Scarlett Johansson

Three big benefits to keeping the details of your relationship between the two of you.

Scarlett Johansson

You probably heard about it when actress Scarlett Johansson and her love French journalist beau, Romain Dauriac, engagement was announced back in September 2013, but you'll be amazed at how successful they were when it came to keeping their ceremony a secret! The happy couple wed on October 1, but it's taken the media two whole months to confirm their union.

Despite the restless inquiries of numerous media outlets and millions of diehard fans, photos of the intimate ceremony held here in the U.S., have yet to be released. In fact, Johansson's rep has yet to even comment on the whole affair.


In a world of sleek smartphones, wicked fast internet and a blatant disregard of celebs' right to privacy — as demonstrated by the recent leak of over 50 nude shots of Jennifer Lawrence — couples keeping their marriage quiet must have been a bit difficult. Was it worth the trouble?

Most definitely! While a secret relationship isn't necessarily healthy, a private one almost always is. "But, wait!" you're probably thinking, "I could never be with a man or woman that seemed ashamed to be with me!" Well, good, because people don't keep their relationships private because of shame or guilt; they keep them quiet because of a mutual understanding that their relationship is theirs alone (and that all 1200 of their combined Facebook friends don't need to know every time they get into a lover's spat).


Benefits abound when you treat your romance like ScarJo and Dauriac do:

  1. You won't ruin your partner's relationship with your friends and family. If you vent like crazy to your mom or your best friend each and every time your boyfriend or girlfriend does something you disagree with, you'll eventually change their opinion of him or her. After you two have had a chance to talk your most recent argument out, you might be able to forgive and forget whatever he or she did to upset you, but your friends and family wo'’t soon forget seeing you hurting!
  2. You don't have to explain things over and over. When you post an ambiguous status about your significant other on your social media profile, everyone's obviously going to start asking for details. The more you overshare, the more time you have to dwell on your relationship — in a way that's none too healthy!
  3. Your friends will be there when you need them. Your friends will be a lot more likely to lend an ear when you guys get into trouble if you aren't constantly filling them in on details they couldn't care less about!

So follow in the footsteps of these darling newlyweds and keep your relationship details to yourself.

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