Years in Practice

6-10 years


Riverstone NSW 2756 - Australia



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Personal Development Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Your relationship with yourself defines your relationship with your world.

About Leanne Allen

I am the founder of Reconnect Wellness Centre and a registered psychologist for over seven years. I have written articles for Great Health Guide, run workshops to assist people manage on-line dating in a safe and fun way, and most importantly see clients on a daily basis to work on a variety of issues, from parenting to aging, and trauma and grief and everything in between.

I have a real niche for working with relationship issues. Relationship is what life is about. That is why I came up with the business name of “Reconnect”.  It is about reconnecting with yourself, first and foremost, and then the ability to connect with others will be far easier. If you are comfortable in your own skin then you don’t need to become defensive, you don’t need to win every argument, you don’t need to let others walk over you. When you know who you are and what your values are, then you stand firm in that and others just know it.

I didn’t always know it though. For the 17 years I was married, I really had no idea. It was towards the end of this relationship that I realised I wanted more from life, and headed back to university at 28 years old. Studying at a late age gives you a different perspective on life. When I finished my degree I was already working deeply on myself using energetic processes like Sandplay Therapy and voice dialogue. I am now a practitioner of both as well as NLP.

It is through deep personal work I realised that my own limiting beliefs about myself and my world were holding me back. When I realised this, I attracted my perfect partner and everything else started to unfold before me. Letting go of past wounds releases us from our past, which in turn allows us to turn towards a brighter future.

I firmly believe that to be a great therapist I have to continually work on myself. And I also believe that my clients come to me to teach me about myself. They don’t know it usually, but I learn something from each of my clients and that is a blessing that I am grateful for. Click here for more information or to make an appointment with me. I’d love to work with you!


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