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"Good Health Starts In Your Head"

 One Whole Health can help you choose the foods, thoughts, mood and lifestyle that help you feel good on purpose!

About Leah Lund

Hi! I’m Leah Lund, Holistic Health Coach, and creator of One Whole Health. Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Purchase College-State University of New York, I support you in achieving the life and wellness that you deserve. In addition to serving my clients, I coach students and future health coaches for The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am a wellness speaker available to serve your organization. Subscribe to One Whole Health...FOR YOU!, my complimentary newsletter and start taking small steps to your full energy potential.

Private and group health coaching programs are available in person, via telephone and Skype. One Whole Health offers:

• Mobile Health Coach Programs including “Feeling Good On Purpose”
• Corporate Wellness Solutions
Wellness Retreats in Crested Butte, CO
Weigh to Live! Natural Weight Loss Program and the Sweet & Sour Cleanse Club
On-Line Journals with Guided and Self-Guided Courses

Through these programs, I teach high-powered people how to manage their energy instead of their time and achieve results in all areas of their life and health including:

• Balancing hormones and brain chemistry-Assess Your Neurotransmitters Levels-these mood enhancing brain chemicals could be behind your moodiness and low energy
• Restoring thyroid and adrenal function
Harnessing thought energy to achieve any goal

My professional affiliations include:
• International Association of Positive Psychology
• International Coaching Federation

My Mission is to use nutrition and health as a doorway to help you look inside and see where you are stuck. The result is a transformation in living the life you were meant to lead. Curious what this means for you? Schedule a "Feel Good On Purpose Strategy Session"

As human beings, we are meant to feel good and enjoy life! I’ll never forget the PURE JOY I felt when I discovered how nutrition, lifestyle and thoughts directly affect how I experience life. I wanted to bottle that feeling and share it with everyone. One Whole Health was created to do just that- help you manage your energy by exploring the choices that serve you best, including hormone, adrenal, neurotransmitter and thyroid balance. It is called One WHOLE Health because our wellness includes all aspects of our mind, body and soul from nutrition, relationships, career, exercise, spirituality to the thoughts we have that create our reality. Life isn’t as serious as our mind makes it out to be. Be good to yourself! Value your health! Enjoy!

Leah Lund
One Whole Health

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Leah Lund Success Stories

It Felt Good To Work Through My Relationship Decisions

Women in complicated relationships

I knew a lot about diet and exercise when I started working with Leah, but having her hold me accountable really helped. What I didn’t expect was how good I would feel being able to talk through some of my parenting and relationship decisions. This program helped me think more rationally and in general find a bright outlook on my life.more

Maureen, TX

Leah Had A Direct Effect On My Future

Women seeking spiritual guidance

I feel more alert, healthy and better able to handle stressful situations after working with Leah, my Health Coach. I began exercising more and doing yoga. I have reduced my mid-section and lost weight and feel confident about living healthy. Leah had excellent follow through on my program and was always available for help or with problems. She has had a direct affect on my future. The best thing of all was that I quit smoking and that wasn’t even one of my original goals.more

Nancy, TX

I Was Surprised How Many Things This Work Brought Out


Working with Leah was enlightening, eye opening, valuable and I learned some life changing lessons. I lost weight and reduced my mid section and know now that I can maintain this. I feel more confident about making food choices and health decisions and learned the benefits of whole foods. I will continue to take quiet time and do the yogic breathing and stretching that I learned. I think more positively and belief in myself more from working with Leah. I was surprised how many things this work brought out and how much that helped.more

Alice, TX

I've Lost Weight and My Blood Pressure Has Dropped 10 Points

Women dealing with work related stress

I’ve lost weight but most important that I feel better. My blood pressure dropped over 10 points. The realization that I am worth this. The committment to journaling, being able to be open and honest with myself, accepting when I screwed up and starting again the next day has been incredible. I know now that I can take control and make changes in my life and that I am worthwhile and deserve to be healthy and feel good. Leah is positive, honest, supportive, available for questions and direction. I appreciate her focus on more than just the weight loss and that she is available and supportive for issues around emotions, mind games, and spiritual areas as well. She made this a well rounded and holistic program. Thank you.more

Julie, WA

Finding The Best Version Of Me

Women seeking spiritual guidance

Leah helped me to focus by setting realistic goals to work on over the course of our time together & kept me focused with gradual steps to take to work towards long term progress and change. I gained knowledge & became aware of how many things contribute to my overall happiness and health. I really received an education on how nutrition and emotional well being are just as important as physical well being. The changes have not all been easy & some have taken many steps & slipups to accomplish but as I see my life changing for the better, I know they have all been worth it. I know the best version of me is so close and it never would have been possible without the support & guidance of Leah.more

Catherine, MD

I Feel In Control Of My Life

Women dealing with stress

I feel better in control of my life and my habits - which makes me a happier person too. I am more clear, and the journaling allows me to "talk out" and connect the dots of why I sometimes do the things I do. I am reconnecting with myself and my authenticity, and Leah's class has helped me dramatically in this regard. I've broken a major coffee addiction. I eat more mindfully and be sure to include superfoods that I did not used to think about. I just have more energy and more stamina overall - and that is a very good thing! Leah is awesome as a coach and individual. She listened well and challenged me in a positive and kind way. I love her commitment and passion for what she does.more

KG, Texas

I'm Grateful For The Jounaling!

Women dealing with work related stress

I am also grateful for my journaling, Leah! I really have enjoyed the deep thinking that I do...and didn't realize I was thinking so much on just the surface before! Before this, I was going through the motions of getting up, eating, exercising, cleaning, you know...routine stuff. Now, I am getting up with more purpose behind what I do...even the routine things, so that I can accomplish more (and I am!). Love it!!!more

Nona, NC

I Feel Lighter And My Head Is Screwed On Straight

Women dealing with stress

I feel lighter, and my digestive system is working better. I did loose some weight and I'm eating still less and chewing my food more. In used to eat food very quickly and I see that now.more

Everyone has complimented me on how I look. I did not realize there was such a change.

I started on my amino acids and in the past 2 nights I am sleeping the whole night and feel much more rested.

If these amino acids are my ticket to getting my head screwed on right, I am very excited!


AMC, Texas

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