Not Feeling Like Yourself?

Life is meant to be enjoyed and we are meant to feel good! But somehow, it seems for many of us, our standard of living is stuck on “good enough” or “the best we can hope for.” In our fast-paced, modern culture, we suffer from Low Expectation Syndrome regarding what our life can be and the energy and mood we are capable of feeling. When did we decide that it is too much to expect to feel good all the time? We have accepted a life full of false moods, false energy, false appetite, and false weight….a false life! When my clients come to me for private coaching, they often describe it as “not feeling like themselves lately.” See if your brain chemistry is behind your false moods with this Brain Chemistry Assessment.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for feeling this way. When you consistently invest in your whole health-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual you can quickly turn your hum drum mood and energy into vibrant, engaged, passionate living.

One of the fastest ways you can turn your energy around is through your food choices. Food speaks to our DNA and turns our genes on or off. Food provides the nutrients needed for our body to perform all of its necessary functions, including producing something called neurotransmitters-or brain chemicals. These are the chemicals that enable us to feel emotionally stable, self-confident, alert and energetic. Different neurotransmitters help us tolerate stress, relieve our pain, relax and enjoy pleasure. All of these feelings, which I will group together and call “good moods” can be enhanced or inhibited by what we eat, because they are all generated from the building blocks of protein called amino acids.

When necessary, supplementation can be used to turn around deficiencies in any one of the neurotransmitters. This is called Neuro Nutrient Therapy and it is one of the therapies I frequently use with my clients. In fact, Neuro Nutrient Therapy is so effective that I have begun to study with a pioneer in this field-Julia Ross. Julia is the Executive Director of Recovery Systems Clinic in San Francisco and the author of “The Mood Cure” and “The Diet Cure”. I’ll be interning in her clinic and reviewing my client cases with her on a regular basis.

What can Neuro Nutrient Therapy do for you? Seventy to eighty percent of the clients at Recovery Systems Clinic resolve their issues with short term use of these supplements. The clients suffer from anxiety, depression, weight gain, ADD/ADHD, and eating disorders. Neuro Nutrient Therapy is very successful when used for any addiction-alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and carbohydrate. Julia tells me that people become addicted to substances in an attempt to replenish one or more of their neurotransmitters, which makes them feel good. According to Carolyn Ruben, Founding Member of CARA, Community Addiction Recovery Association at, when Neuro Nutrient Therapy was used at the Sacramento, CA Probation Department as part of the rehabilitation plan for drug and alcohol convictions,the recidivism rate went from 90% to 13%. This success encouraged the state to give the program four times its past budget for this year.

I’ve seen with my clients that once you rebalance the brain chemistry of someone who suffers from an addiction, the cravings just go away. One of the most exciting things about Neuro Nutrient Therapy is it helps your body begin producing its own brain chemicals again versus options like anti-depressant drugs that play the role of a brain chemical. As a result, the average client repairs their imbalance with Neuro Nutrient Therapy in about 3-6 months. This is not something you need to do for the rest of your life.

Neuro Nutrient Therapy should be entered into only in partnership with a qualified health professional. Adverse reactions can occur, depending on your health and specific conditions. Do not go it alone. And even supplementation is limited in its effectiveness if you are not eating good mood foods and eliminating bad mood foods.

If you think your brain chemistry could be affecting your mood and creating a dependency on food or substances, I invite you to take this Brain Chemistry Assessment and join me for a complimentary consultation to discuss your mood and health.

You can feel like yourself again!