Winter Hair, Don’t Care!

With another polar vortex about to hit the East Coast, it’s time to make sure our hair is ready to take on any storm coming its way. Winter and the change of seasons in general can wreak havoc on our hair, making it dry, brittle and lifeless to the point where we feel all we can do is put it up in a pony tail or bun every day or just chop it off. The cold, the hats, the scarfs all add stress to our hair and make it frizzy and unresponsive to the point where every day becomes a bad hair day. But before making that appointment with your hairstylist to take off your long tresses, we have some options for you that will support you in have beautiful silky hair even during the harshest winters. Ana Jaramillo from Ana Hair always recommends brushing your hair continuously for about 5 minutes with a boar bristle brush once a week. This not only massages your scalp, but also distributes the natural oils over the entire length of the hair and allows it to look supple and soft. We’ve tested quite a few products that will support your hair in looking fantastic during the cold season and we were quite pleased with the following:

Start with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

There’s nothing better than getting your hair cleaned and nourished at the same time. But don’t go crazy. According to Ana Jaramillo, it’s best to not wash our hair as often especially during the winter. Twice a week should be more than enough and never wash it every day because you will deplete your hair of its natural oils and make it even more brittle and dry.

Vandesande Hair Care System

Featuring the Moussant, a deep moisturizing shampoo treatment delicately cleans your hair without stripping it from any of its natural oils, your hair will be instantly quenched with an infusion of pure bio active botanicals that instantly revitalizes and gives volume to your hair for long lasting body and shine. The protein rich, revitalizing conditioning treatment works in seconds to detangle, protect and give volume to your hair. The super light, anti-static formula doesn’t leave any heavy build-up or chemical residues. Nourissant penetrates each strand with pure, bio-active botanicals resulting in superior elasticity and manageability. 

If you need a more intensive conditioner, then Terax Original Crema + Keratin is what you’re looking for. It’s the ultimate in hydration for chemically treated hair.  This revolutionary new product features the unique SmartKeratin™ technology which provides targeted deposits of keratin to only the most damaged areas of the hair fiber, leaving hair soft, shiny and easy to style. The treatment is positively charged, and seeks out the negatively charged damage in your hair. Once the SmartKeratin is attached, it stays that way due to its inverse solubility.  All of the excess Keratin that coats your hair with other brands, simply washes away with Original Crema + Keratin, leaving only the protein necessary for damage repair.  This unique conditioner won't overwhelm your hair with too much protein, which can cause suffocation of the hair fibers and can lead to future breakdown.

A good hair mask makes all the difference.

Sometimes our hair gets so dehydrated and dry that we need more than a good conditioner to bring it back to its beauty. Hair masks are a great addition to your regular hair care as they provide in depth conditioning and nourishing without having to make your way to the salon. Here are the two options we liked best.

Amika Triple Rx Mask

The Triple Rx Mask's key ingredients, including West African Shea Butter, work to coat and penetrate the hair shaft—providing protection against damage. Damaged and brittle hair is revitalized, smoothed and softened. The mask additionally includes Borage Oil, which is extracted from the seed of the Star Flower. Borage oil contains high amounts of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is an Omega-6 essential fatty acid that's essential for healthy hair. GLA reinforces hair to make it stronger, shiner, softer and easier to comb. It’s free from any artificial coloring or parabens, which makes it the perfect mask for color treated hair as it doesn’t affect your color or cause it to fade.

WEN ReMoist Treatment Masks are also a great way to boost hair health and hydration and are perfect for the winter months. This at home spa treatment rejuvenates dry, damaged, and lifeless hair with a blend of extracts and oils. The ReMoist Treatment is great for making up for the dry winter air and leaves hair feeling soft, silky, and replenished.

Hair La Vie Revive Deep Hydration Masque acts as an all natural moisturizing and strengthening treatment and is infused with 11 vitamins, essential oils and nutrients to repaid your hair while deep conditioning your hair and scalp. The masque uses Keratin and bamboo extract to rebuild the structure of your hair, making it more resilient and less prone to damage. The bamboo extract further strengthens the shaft, making it thicker, stronger and less likely to break. This mask also accelerates your hair growth due to it’s added horsetail extract and brings a brilliant luster to your hair The result is a moisture rich deep conditioning treatment to reinvigorate tired tresses from roots to ends.

Take it one step further with The DeveloPlus Anti-Aging Hair Treatment System that helps slow down graying and reduce hair loss with our Peptide Amino-Vitamin Complex, repairs and reinforces the hair shaft to prevent micro-fractures to reveal your hair's natural shine. The treatment works in 3 easy steps

Step 1:  Revive

Revive is a detoxing clarifier, formulated to help remove dull residue that hides your hair's natural shine.  Revive helps nourish your hair without weighing it down, revealing more luminous tones.  Revive replaces your shampoo.

Step 2:  Restore

Restore is a 5-minute reconstructing masque formulated with our Peptide Amino-Vitamin Complex to help minimize the graying process, initiate regrowth of lost hair and strengthen your hair's natural fiber.  Restore penetrates your hair to help repair micro-fractures, eliminate dryness and control frizz.  Restore replaces your conditioner.

Step 3:  Re-Activate

Re-Activate is a rejuvenating elixir, enriched with our Peptide Amino-Vitamin Complex.  Formulated to help reinforce your hair shaft, soften, eliminate tangles and regulate moisture.

Finish it up with nourishing oil!

WEN Replenishing Treatment Oil is a unique blend of some of the world's rarest and most beneficial oils. Combining the nourishing and moisturizing properties of Argan Oil with the restorative and healing properties of Abyssinian Oil, the WEN Treatment Oil hydrates, nourishes and helps repair both your hair and skin. It is a non-greasy formula that may be used as an overnight treatment to restore and moisturize to maintain and replenish the health and integrity of your hair, scalp and body.

Shea Terra Kalahari Mongongo Cold Pressed Oil. If your hair is limp, not growing, breaks easily or unmanageable, it could be suffering from a case of LNOP, or Lack of Nutrition/ Over-processization Syndrome. Lack of minerals in food, fast food life styles, chemical and heat treatments all damage and deplete the hair of the vital nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. Shea Terra Organics' introduces nutrient rich Mongongo Nut Oil from the nutritious food of the Kalahari's iKung people. Nourish your hair back to life with this protein rich oil packed with vitamins and minerals from the Kalahari Desert.

We know how much you love your long silky hair and we want to make sure you keep it as healthy as possible with these unique products designed to make you love your hair even more. Your hair is part of your identity, part of how you see and present yourself in the world, why not put your best tresses forward with these nourishing products that help you get rid of the frizzy winter hair. Now every day is a good hair day!

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