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Staying Healthy With Energy Bars - Is It Really Possible?

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Staying Healthy With Energy Bars - Is It Really Possible?

There is an abundance of articles out claiming energy and granola bars are quite unhealthy because of the sugar content, so we set on a quest to figure out what is the reality. On one hand, energy bars are great for on-the-go meals, but on the other hand, who wants to get loaded on sugar when they’re thinking they actually made a healthy choice?

We reached out to Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE author of Belly Fat Diet For Dummies and KIND Snack Consultant to get an expert’s opinion in the matter and here’s some of her advice:

  1. Choose whole ingredients. The ingredients on the label should be easily recognizable. Think whole nuts, seeds, rolled oats. If the ingredients sound more like something you had to learn in chemistry class, stay away.
  1. Look for sweet taste without added sugar. Of course it’s easy to create a bar that gives you energy by adding a lot of sugar, but then you’re getting the same benefits you get from eating a candy bar. Instead get energy bars that have less than 5g of sugar like the Kind Nuts and Spices bars that give you great taste and energy with very little added sugar.
  1. Check the calorie count. A snack bar should have about 220 calories or less and remember that those calories also count towards your daily maximum. If you eat a 200 calorie snack bar around 11am, maybe lunch shouldn’t still be the usual 6-700 calories, but drop to about 500.
  1. Know the difference between snack bars and meal replacement bars. Some bars out there are not meant to be snacks between meals, but full on meal replacements. They are usually higher in calories and pack more protein than the usual snack bar. Plus they do make you feel quite full.
  1. Look for long term energy. A sugar packed bar will spike energy the crash it. A bar rich in whole foods, fiber, low in sugar and a good source of healthy fats and protein will provide long lasting energy while regulating appetite. Look for options with at least 3 grams of fiber, 5gm of protein, and 5 grams of fat for a satisfying option that lasts.
  1. Don’t allow trans fats to sneak in. Most manufactures are moving away from using them, but if a bar contains partially hydrogenated oils on the ingredient list, it contains trans fats which may have a negative impact on heart health.

Choosing them wisely will make a world of difference when it comes to picking the right snack bars that keep your nourished, while at the same time keeping you healthy and away from that added sugar. While it can be tough to find the right flavor that gives you the perfect balance of nutrition and great taste, KIND created a 30 Pack that gives anyone a chance to try out different flavors and find the perfect one for them so whether you’re at work, at the gym or on-the-go, there are always delicious options.

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