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Look And Feel Fabulous At The Beach


With spring break just around the corner and summer rushing in faster than we can say bikini season, there are a few things you need to get ready for endless beach days while at the same time making sure you stay safe under the sunrays.

According to Debra Jaliman a dermatologist based in New York and author of the book Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist “the ultraviolet light causes a toxic reaction in the skin. The energy from UV radiation damages our DNA and proteins and enzymes in our skin. It dilates our blood vessels as well as the collagen and elastic fibers in our skin. It can mutate the cells and change our DNA and that's why it can cause skin cancer.”

Exposing ourselves to UV lights without any protection can “not only cause skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma, but it also weakens our immune system so it can cause other cancers as well.”

The tanning we love so much is really a reaction of the skin to protect us from the sun, which is why Debra recommends wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or above and re-applying often to make sure you are always protected.

Since looking fabulous at the beach, while making sure we take all the precautions to stay healthy can sometimes be a challenge, we’ve put together an easy to use guide to get you ready for any beach day.

Before heading out

While we may like to think that going to the beach is about just picking up a swimsuit, our sunglasses and our iPhone and heading out the door, our skin needs a bit more preparation.

Use the Hydro Peptide Active Body Scrub to remove any dead skin cells and bring the new healthy skin to the surface. This scrub improves hydration, radiance and smoothness by maximizing cellular renewal and it’s the perfect primer for skin before tanning or self-tanning.

Get rid of unwanted hair with Nad's Hair Removal Exfoliating Body Wax Strips. Let’s face it, we all want that smooth clean skin especially when we’re at the beach and Nad’s Hair Removal Strips not only help us achieve that, but they also exfoliate the dead skin cells in the process. Each Exfoliating Wax Strip features Nad’s patented technology, a coarse outer surface that buffs away the build up of dead skin and releases ingrown hair, allowing the wax to adhere to and remove even more hair, for the best hair removal results at home.

Apply sunscreen before heading out

Our skin doesn’t start getting exposed to sunrays when we get to the beach, but the second we walk out the door so make sure you apply sunscreen before heading out.

Trilipiderm Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D protects against the drying, damaging and aging effects of the sun on skin, while it continues to keep skin soft and supple. It contains a specific combination of active ingredients that was engineered too mimic skin cell structure and re-establish the skin’s natural barrier to water loss. It also facilitates the healing of skin inflammations and accelerates the production of collagen.

 Amarte Ultra Veil Suncreen offers 50+ SPF protection and acts like a veil between your skin and the sunrays. Amarte is also waterproof which makes it the perfect choice if you plan on playing sports at the beach or swimming. Don’t forget to keep applying sunscreen every 60-80 minutes while at the beach, especially if you’re sweating or swimming.

Get your hair ready with Amika

Amika has the products you need for any type of hair. If you want the beach waves look, try the remarkable light Amika Un.Done Texture Spray is a no-salt spray that delivers sexy, tousled with undone matte texture beach hair. And the no salt means no dryness and no unnecessary tangles.

If your hair gets really dry the Amika Silken-Up Dry Conditioner will weightlessly condition your hair with an antioxidant-packed, dry formulation that will never dampen your style. Silken Up Dry Conditioner can be used on clean, dry hair for added silkiness and nourishment, or on second-day hair for a freshly washed look and feel. The formula also adds thickness to the hair and provides anti-static capabilities.

Finally if your hair tends to get greasy, try Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. It’s the only dry shampoo on the market with no aluminum and no talc so it leaves no unwanted residue on your hair.

Depending on your preference you might want a more casual look at the beach or a dressier one that allows you to head over to dinner right from the sand. Whatever your style is, we have you covered with these two looks. But before we get to your outfit, make sure you don a swimsuit that accentuates your body type like the Wet Swimwear Faith Top, a gorgeous two tone crochet sliding triangle top with contrast stitching, removable soft cups, ties at neck and back and matching Bottom, a two tone crochet contrast with solid blueberry fully lined low rise bikini bottom with contrast stitching that will make your feel like the most beautiful woman on the beach.

The More Casual Look

Klub Nico Gailya Rose Gold Sandals – the gold color will bring up your beautiful tan and matches so many outfits, you’ll find it hard to put them away once you start wearing them. Pair them up with a perfect pedicure and you’ll be ready to go.

SwimZip The Sophisticated Swim Cover Up - "Stunner" is the perfect casual beach cover-up. This is a beach must have, as the SPF 50+ (called UPF for fabric) sun blocking material, blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays for easy all day sun protection.

Vine Market USA Berry, Classic thin stripe, Large Canvas Tote is a large and durable bag that will hold all your belongings in one place while keeping you looking fashionable and charming. The perfect cross body carryall tote to go from city to beach, the Vine Street Market totes are designed to hold everything you need and more. It comes in several trendy and classic prints and fabrics to let you choose what look matches your style. You can use this stylish bag for the beach then rush off to wherever the day takes you while carrying anything you need for your entire day.

Quan Jane Seashell Necklace is ideal if you’re looking to add a splash of color while keeping the sand and sea tone. The color is so eye-catching, you will definitely get the right attention at the beach.

Gage Sunglasses were made specifically for people who can't get enough of the beach life and want to take a break from reality. When you're at the beach water, sun and the sand surround you. The Gage sunglasses help you enjoy that experience by offering lots of fun and colorful styles to match your personality.

The Dressy Look

OTBT Bushnell in Pewter are beautifully thick strapped platforms with just enough stretch in that slingback to keep you comfortable no matter where your day may take you. From funky Lime to polished Gold, get one to go with anything.

Barbara Gerwit Vintage Print Knit Dress is guaranteed to turn heads at the beach. A cute and flirty halter neck Vintage Print cotton knit dress; this Catalina print is a playful and whimsical nautical themed design.

Sea Bags White on Navy Anchor Totes are made in Maine from recycled sails, which means every bag is unique in its own way. Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories that bring every customer great happiness, keeping them anchored in reality while dreaming away under the warm sun.

The Ten Thousand Villages Queen of the Stars Necklace is the piece that will bring everything together making you a true Queen of the Stars. Regal and dreamlike, this necklace is a lovely accompaniment to the Barbara Gerwit Vintage Print Knit Dress.

Protect your face with the Wallaroo Scrunchie Hat, which comes in a variety of colors to match your every mood and every dress. Plus it’s crushable so you can pack in easily in your carryon when you jet off to your next beach destination.

Put all your mini essentials together with

Breakups to Makeup Bag. Made out of thick canvas and big enough to keep all your makeup accessories in one place, it can also be the perfect place to stash your wallet and cell phone while on your beach adventure.

MB Greene Vertical Essentials Bag will complete your look by keeping all your sunscreens and body lotions together. Not to mention it allows you to bring with you the Amika Silken-Up Dry Conditioner in case you need to re-apply at any point.

Your iPhone needs as much protection as your skin. Make sure you keep it protected from the water and sand with the LifeProof Nüüd Case. It’s waterproof, dirt proof and even drop proof.

After the beach

Once you’ve left the sun and the beach behind, the skin protection continues with the Key West Aloe Save A Tan Lotion that helps you seal in the tint from your sun-kissed skin, while at the same time protecting and hydrating it. It uses 80% Aloe Vera to replenish moisture, prevent peeling, and preserve your tan.

Travertine Hydrating Body Mist is also known as a “dry oil” as it sprays wet but rubs in dry to nourish deep down like your best body cream. It contains jojoba oil is non-comedogenic so you can use it all-over to moisturize face, lips and hair to give you that “all-over-glow” you see on models in fashion magazines.

Now that you’re all set with everything you need to feel and look stunning at the beach, all you have to do is figure out what your next destination will be. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out The 20 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World.

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