Deja-Kai Opens Up Her Own Waxing Salon In Glendale

Let’s face it, waxing is never a fun adventure! It’s more of a necessary evil. We want smooth skin for longer time so we opt for waxing and we brace ourselves for the experience, knowing that at the end of it our skin will the soft and smooth. Finding the right person and the right salon for waxing is just as important as finding that perfect hairstylist (pun intended) who cuts your hair exactly as you want it, whom you can trust and feel comfortable with especially when getting something as intimate as a Brazilian wax.

This is why when we heard Deja-Kai opened her own salon (after having been in the beauty and health industry for over 10 years), called The Foxy Mobile in the Phenix Salon Suites right next to the Glendale Galleria in Los Angeles, we knew we had to try it. Deja-Kai is sweet and soothing and can make you feel comfortable there whether it’s your first time or whether you’re a veteran at waxing. She goes over care details and makes sure you are feeling as relaxed as possible given that she’s about to use hot wax to rip the hair off your body, which surprisingly is not as bad as it sounds.

As a waxing veteran, there are a few things are care about when it comes to trying a new salon and The Foxy Mobile scores high on all my requirements:

  • Cleanliness. The wax is hot, which means the pores open up therefore are more prone to infections, which is why a clean salon is my top priority. There’s no replacement for hygiene and cleanliness – especially where your health and your delicate skin are concerned.

  • High quality products. Just like with everything else, using high quality products gives you a better experience and a better result. And Deja-Kai does not skimp on her products.

  • Friendliness. If I’m going to lie on a table half naked with someone hunting down every hair on my body and taking it off, I prefer that someone to be nice and friendly and to address any concerns I might have. Deja-Kai is warm and inviting, she gives out advice about care and how to deal with those pestering ingrown hairs we all have to deal with sometimes.

  • Skilled professional. Especially if I’m getting a Brazilian wax, I want to make sure the esthetician is swift and skilled. It’s going to be painful no matter what so it’s important to at least make sure the pain is minimized as much as possible. Since Deja-Kai not only does the waxing, but actually teaching classes for other people to learn how to do it, I had no doubt she would be an expert at it.

  • Reasonable pricing. Never go for the cheapest place on the block. Chances are if they are the cheapest, it’s because the products they use are not the highest quality. But also never be fooled by exorbitant prices. Having tried multiple places in the world from the reasonably priced to the super expensive, I can honestly say that it’s very possible to find a reasonably priced salon that offers amazing services, just like The Foxy Mobile does.

  • Pleasant atmosphere. Waxing itself might not be the most pleasant experience ever, but the environment can make all the difference. At The Foxy Mobile you'll find a record player always playing good jams, old photos of women like Sophia Loren and scented candles, makeup and skin products for sale.

No need to fret about unwanted body hair anymore, Deja-Kai and The Foxy Mobile will have that resolved for you in no time and will have you coming back time and time again.