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1-3 years


Las Vegas NV 89147 - United States



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Attorney, Dating Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



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Make love your reality.

About Lauren A. Pena

For years, I had listened to my single friends question every aspect of their dating lives--from where to meet other singles, to how to behave on a date, to where to go on a date, and how to tell if the other person was interested.  And I loved every moment of it.  I became a go-to for my friends for connections, matches, and dating and relationship advice.  My passion and excitement for meeting and getting to know new and interesting people are what led me to become a certified matchmaker and dating coach.  

I started Project Duo with my business partner and longtime family friend, Steven Peralta, to make connections in Las Vegas, a city where excitement and fantasy can sometimes cloud the quality of romance.  Together, we work with singles to find love in matches, but more importantly, to find love within themselves so they can connect with that match.

I became a certified matchmaker because I have been using my intuition to match people since I was in high school.  I've made it a personal mission to meet and know quality people, and connecting and introducing them is my way of leaving an imprint on the world and spreading the love.  

As a date coach, I know and understand the dating climate because I live in it.  After seeing so many extraordinary singles question their personal choices, and after having the privilege of being their confidante and dating advisor, I knew I had to use my resources to share the knowledge and information I had learned and studied.

With several marriages and long-term relationships to my matchmaking credit, I am excited to keep spreading the love.  And I'm ready to make love your reality!

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