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About Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim is a sex coach, alternative healthcare practitioner and author of The New Rules of Sex, a revolutionary 21st century approach to sexuality, relationships, and love. Lauren has worked in the general healing arts for over ten years as a teacher and practitioner across North America, Europe and Africa. She was studying to be a midwife in 2012 when her own reproductive challenges lead her to research and specialize in women's reproductive and sexual health instead of becoming a midwife. She is passionate about supporting sexual health through awareness, honesty and education, and works with clients across six continents on a variety of health challenges related to sexuality, family and relationships. She is available for individual Skype coaching from anywhere in the world, or you can purchase any of her online audio courses at www.HealthNow.am. Her book The New Rules of Sex is available for purchase at www.TheNewRulesofSex.com.

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