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Business Coach, Dating Coach, Divorce Coach, Divorce Mediator, Divorce Recovery Coach, Family Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Mediator, Money Coach, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach

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MoxieLife Coach empowers you to CRUSH YOUR FEAR, FIND YOUR VOICE + SPEAK YOUR TRUTH to make impactful change in your personal + professional relationships.

About Laura Miolla

Moxie means “an attitude of fearlessness in every day circumstances.” As a Leadership + Relationship Coach, Laura empowers women to get out of the Fear-Stress Cycle to show up, stand out, play by their own rules and make bank in their marriage, divorce or career. Her clients are empowered to lead and excel in the midst of fast and constant change through the development and alignment of vision, strategy, brand, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Being a woman in this world is complicated.  You are constantly bombarded by mixed message about you are supposed to be. Smart, but not too smart (bimbo). Attractive, but not too attractive (slut). Confident, but not arrogant (bitch). Smile. Be pleasant. Make life easier for everyone around you ... but not you ... because that would be selfish. And most of all, don't get emotional! Ultimately, there is no space for you in between too much and not enough. There is no permission, even from yourself, to say it's not OK. I'm not OK. Attempting to achieve any of the "supposed to's" always results in judgement, from others, but more importantly, from yourself. You compromise yourself in your relationships because you believe that is what is valuable, without being able to own or acknowledge that YOU are inherently valuable. You believe that sacrifice is required as a woman. You immerse yourself in labels like wife, mother, employee, without any real fulfillment and quite possibly with a stron case of imposter syndrome. So, you shrink to take up as little space as possible or you try to prove yourself at every turn. They both stem from a desire for control and yet neither path creates what you want, simply because you are on a playing field you didn't create. As a woman, you don't have a playing field of your own, until you create one for yourself. 

Using coaching methodology and frameworks from neuroscience, leadership and relationship development, I empower women in finding their authenticity, embracing their worth, redefining their relationship with themselves and letting that be the starting point for creating or redesigning relationships with everyone around them. It's important to get you out of the Fear-Stress Cycle that is sabotaging you in your relationships, career and life. Success can only truly be created on your own terms, not anyone else's. I want women to take over the world! And that can't happen until you are empowered personally, professionally, emotionally and financially. 

My professional background includes 20+ years in management, leadership, strategy, marketing, as well as brand and business development. I have a Master's degree and am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute, a Certified Parentology coach and Mediator. 

I'm also a speaker and writer with publications in Huffington Post, Medium, Fox News Magazine, Parents Magazine, Thought Catalog, Care2, Working Mother Magazine, Solo Parent Magazine, The Smart Divorce Network, Babble, Yahoo News and, of course, Your Tango. All of my articles and videos can be accessed on my blog or YouTube channel. Or enroll in my online divorce preparation course to save huge time, money and stress!

Schedule a consultation to explore how coaching can get you out of the Fear-Stress Cycle and empower you to show up, stand out, play by your own rules and make bank!

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