Ask Kim: “Who Should Say I Love You First?”

Question:I am in a beautiful relationship that seems quite solid but he has not said that he loves me. Who should say I love you first?” – Tanus D., Calgary AB

Answer: Tanus, I am SO glad you wrote in – I’m always thrilled to hear when past graduates meet a great guy. Many women are in the dark about how to handle this the right way – and overjoyed you’ve provided the opportunity to clear this up both for you AND all my other readers.

Women have become very comfortable asking for what they want, and being quite direct about it in the business world. The thing is, using this same business type approach does not work within a man/woman dynamic – especially when it comes to the first uttering of “I love you

Let me give you some background on men…

When men first realize they are in love, it freaks them out a little. It feels good and at the same time sets in motion a “processing” phase where they start to ask themselves questions, like:

  • Can I really make her happy for the rest of her life – what if I can’t?
  • Am I ready to give up my freedom?
  • Am I ready to commit to a lifetime with her?

How long this “processing” time takes is different for each man, and depends on many things (his past relationships, history, personality etc…)

This can be a maddening time for most women. All the signs he loves you are there; talking every day, affectionate, great with your kids and maybe even casually mentioning things you can do a year from now or longer.

Meanwhile, you’re thinking “OK, this is all great BUT do you love me!?”

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This article was originally published at Attract Your King. Reprinted with permission from the author.