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6 Body Parts You Hate That Are Actually SEXY AS HELL

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We've all heard the experts say that in order to unconditionally love another person, we must first learn to love ourselves.

This means loving, honoring and accepting our outer being (our body) as well as our inner being (our spirit). When I talk to clients about unconditional self love, the conversation typically tends to focus on those body parts that we often wish were smaller or bigger, such as our hips, butt, breasts, thighs or belly. 

But today I'd like to focus on those body parts that provide us with the ability to experience true joy in life: the body parts that are associated with the five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing). Though these are not the typical body parts we would classify as "sexy," they truly are the root of joy and sensation in our lives – and that makes them sexy as hell!

1. Your eyes


Not only do our eyes allow us to see the beauty in the world, but they've also been called the mirrors to our soul. Our eyes project our truest emotions. 

That's why we say things like “I see the twinkle in his eyes when he looks at you,” or “her eyes light up when you walk into the room.” They say that we can lose and find ourselves in the eyes of our partners. For this reason, our eyes are one of the sexiest parts of our bodies.

2. Your nose


Moving down your face, we come to your nose. Often times our noses can be a point of contention, seeing as so many people wish their noses were a different shape or size, but your nose allows you to take in the scent of your surroundings and the people you are close to.

With almost all animals, scent is even the deciding factor in a mate. We have a primal response the pheromones and other scents produced by others, so why wouldn't your nose be one of your favorite sexy body parts?

3. Your ears


On both sides of your head are your ears, which provide you with the amazing ability to hear the sweet sounds of your surroundings and the loving voice of your partner. 

According to, ears are one of the most sensual spots for both males and females. Therefore, it seems obvious that our ears deserve more appreciation.

4. Your mouth


Rounding out your face is your mouth, providing you with the devine sense of taste. Your mouth is the place where all your favorite indulgiences reside – you get to taste your favorite foods, you get the nourishment you need, it's the place where your voice exits, creating all your words and sounds.

Your lips are also one of the most sensitive parts of your body, making it one of the sexiest things about you.

5. Your hands


The last of your five senses is touch, which is predominantly provided by your hands. Although we don’t typically think of our hands as a sexy body part, they are the tools we use to do so many things in life, possibly the sexiest of which is rubbing and caressing the ones we love. 

The transfer of energy between two people is typically initiated with your hands, making your hands one of the sexiest parts of your entire body.

6. Your feet


Completing the list of sexy body parts is your feet – which carry you through this amazing journey of life. 

All six of these body parts provide you with the ability to truly experience the joy that surrounds us in every moment. It’s important that we take time to acknowledge the roles of each and every one of our body parts and treat them with gratitude and unconditional love

Kim Howie is a certified health coach and author of "The Simple Recipe For A Healthy, Balanced Life."

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