Conflict Management

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10 years +


Sherman Oaks CA 91403 - United States



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Divorce Coach, Divorce Mediator

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I Believe

People in conflict typically possess the tools to resolve their conflict.

About Kevin J. Chroman, Esq.

I came to be a strong proponent of collaborative law and mediation quite naturally, as I believe that people in conflict typically possess the tools to resolve their conflict. This belief has been reinforced through my experiences with litigation. Divorce is an emotional and psychological event, as well as a legal event with financial consequences. By providing my clients with the professional resources to address their concerns through the collaborative model, their financial and emotional resources are preserved. Consequently, they are able to apply those resources towards their loved ones and towards their future. With the assistance of the professionals on the collaborative team, together with the confidential nature of the collaborative process, I find collaborative law is a safe, cost-saving, and smart alternative to litigation for those who place a value on a cooperative environment, a peaceful resolution for themselves and their family members, and building a healthy future.

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