5 Empowering Phrases To Build Confidence When You're Feeling Down On Yourself

Adjust that crown and get back to being awesome, ladies.

5 Empowering Phrases To Use To Build Confidence When You're Feeling Down unsplash / Fallon Michael

With so much "busy-ness" and never enough time to check everything off your list, you can start to feel run-down, stuck, lost, or behind the power curve pretty quickly.

What you need is a pick-me-up that is natural (instead of caffeinated), empowering (instead of superficial), and takes just seconds to build your confidence level again.

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The secret to keeping your self-confidence and energy levels high is remembering that whatever we say to — or about — ourselves is what our subconscious mind absorbs as "the truth."

So, if you berate yourself any time things get challenging, your mind goes about turning that snide comment or off-the-cuff criticism into reality in your life — to prove yourself right — because that's its job.

Since we're born with this creative superpower and use it by default 24/7, let's crown ourselves the queen of confidence by deliberately fueling our subconscious mind with creative and positive thoughts of empowerment


Sometimes, stress makes you forget that you're already happy and rocking your life — you just need to remind your subconscious about it.

If you want to know how to be more confident, here are 5 super-charged, self-loving, and empowering phrases to say to yourself.

1. "I am a masterpiece in progress."

You might feel lost if what you currently have in your life isn't what you'd planned and hoped for. Or, you have everything you want and still feel unfulfilled but don't know why.

This declaration reminds you that just one new idea or changing the way you do something can make all the difference and anything is possible.

2. "I treat myself with love and kindness all day long."

Building confidence takes kindness towards yourself.


If you've put your self-nurturing "me time" on the back burner because you barely have time to keep up with your responsibilities and obligations, you probably feel pretty exhausted.

And now you're left wondering when it's your turn to feel loved, supported. and strong.

Give yourself a break and use this statement as a reminder that you can only give energy to others when your own stores of it remain filled up. So, self-care is a valid priority.

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3. "Everyone is conspiring for my success."

This perspective shift is a confidence-builder as it presumes, regardless of peoples' words or actions, they are helping propel you toward your goals.


Whether they support you authentically or challenge your determination with their negativity, all of it makes you stronger and your little successes move you toward the bigger ones.

4. "I live this day fully, with integrity and self-respect."

This is so empowering that it makes you stand up taller, once you say it. A good reminder when a "gossip girl" or "drama queen" comes along.

Steer clear of that unempowering mess and remember that what you put out in the world, comes back to you.

Focus on treating yourself the way you want others to treat you. Soon, you may notice the gossip and drama avoids you altogether.

5. "I see myself in a bubble of love and protection."

Some days you may feel more vulnerable and insecure, than nurtured and safe; so, imagining yourself in a beautiful, safe bubble can feel like a sigh of relief.


Use your imagination to feel the warmth and comfort inside and stay in your bubble all day.

You can play with it as if it's a powerful force field that bumps negative people out of your way. Just the visual of that alone will make you smile.

Now that you know how to build confidence, you can start living a more empowered life filled with happiness and satisfaction

You deserve to feel confident in your ability to change your life by doing small things differently. And it's incredibly empowering to create a habit of quick perspective shifts that turn stress into strength.


This is about you feeling strong, capable and happy. You're already complete, but you may not always feel it and may look to others for approval when all you need is your own.

It's a rut that's easy to fall into and some people stay in it for life.

Now you have some simple tools to help you get out of that rut, so go explore this day with true confidence!

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