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About Kelly Covert

I am Kelly, and I stand in all my imperfections knowing that my faults make me that much stronger, that much more beautiful and that much more real. I am not afraid of revealing myself, and I am not afraid to help you walk out onto the main stage and pull back the curtain to reveal your best life either.

I believe with my whole heart that I was put on this earth to motivate, encourage and serve others. This is my passion and it drives me. More than anything, I want to help you realize you are capable of so much more than you ever thought possible if you can just tap into what is already inside of you. You are stronger and more powerful than you think, and I will stand with you in that belief until you believe it yourself.

I have always been driven, but for a very long time my life was driven by thoughts of “not good enough” and “you can do better.” I lived the life of a perfectionist – striving for something that was forever out of my reach and failing over and over again. I worked harder, did more, and yet perfect was never going to happen – go figure! When my first son was born, this was magnified for me. I was always trying to prove to someone (mainly myself) that I was not a bad mother, and in doing so I set a bar for myself that was so high it could never be reached by a human.

But that is what I am – human, beautifully imperfect, and uniquely me.

One night, as I was lying on my son’s bed, crying at how I was failing as a mother, I realized that my son doesn’t need a perfect mother, he needs me. He needs me to love myself, so I can teach him to do that for himself. He needs me to be present and joyful, not beating myself up all the time because I’m not and never will be perfect. He needs me to mother him in the way that only I can, even if that looks different than every other mommy on Facebook.

He helped me learn that I am enough. Today. Just as I am.

Now it is my passion to help other women set aside perfectionism and chronic overachieving by listening to their true inner voice. 

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