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Do THIS To Finally Choose Your Relationship Over Your IPhone

If you've been stressed out about your relationship and the direction it's going in, it may not be because of him. It could be due to your cell phone usage and how integral of a part it plays in your relationship. A recent study by researchers at Kent State University found that people who were heavy cell phone users reported higher anxiety levels and dissatisfaction with life than their peers, who used their phones less often.

Think about how you felt when it took your partner a little longer to answer your text message or tweet, or how you received over 100 likes for that selfie, but the one like you were looking for from your boyfriend never came. According to a PEW research study, 42% of 18-29 year olds in serious relationships, and 25% of people overall, feel their partner is distracted by their mobile phone. 45% of Internet users feel the negative impacts of their relationship by the technology.

Our frustration surfaces when we view the profiles of our Facebook friends and Twitter followers and see how great their relationships are portrayed through social media. At times, even I felt I wasn't doing enough in my relationship when I would view countless pictures of my friends dining at fabulous restaurants, attending parties, or going to a remote island on vacation.

If you are also feeling the pressure, here are some steps you can take to reclaim your relationship:

  1. Determine how much time you spend using mobile phone device when you interact with your partner. Using such apps like Moment can help you see a direct correlation between your satisfaction level in your relationship and your mobile phone usage.
  2. Make a plan to reduce the amount of time you spend together while on your mobile phone devices. A recent study found that it may take up to 66 days to change this habit, but you will see the benefits right away of having a more intense and intimate relationship.
  3. Instead of reading your partner's tweets and Facebook statuses to determine how they feel about you and the relationship, try a more interactive game called Table Topics for Couples. With over 135 questions in a set, it's a fun way for you to create meaningful conversation with your partner. Find things that make him unique as individual and the things that bond you as a couple.

If you find that your relationship won't survive if you have to rely more on personal interaction over a technological one, contact me for a free consultation at Coach Keith will provide tips on how to have the relationship you want for your life.