Why Highly Sensitive People Should Travel (And How To Actually Make It Enjoyable)

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4 Travel Tips For The Highly Sensitive Person

When you're a highly sensitive person who's not a fan of change, the thought of travel may not always be comfortable.

As an HSP, I prefer to stay home. I want to sleep in my own bed, be able to control my own food (due to food sensitivities), and just want my routine. The predictability of being at home with the comforts I have created around me keeps me grounded and happy.

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I am also a mother and we've decided, as a family, that we want to travel as much as possible before our kids go off to college. So, this means that we will do a big trip over the summer (the most convenient time to travel) and shorter ones throughout the year.

Unfortunately, traveling throws off my sleep, my digestion, and my routines. In addition to all that, there is also the packing before and unpacking after. The extra preparations necessary before I leave and then often catch up work when I return.

All these inconveniences don’t even begin to describe the energy I absorb from the actual travel. Airports, airplanes and crowded public places all overstimulate my nervous system.

If this is the case, then why should I (and other highly sensitive people) travel?

Because every time I go on a trip, I learn and grow.

The break from my daily routine is rejuvenating and allows me to see my life from a different perspective. I love trying new food and seeing different cultures.

Being a traveler creates a deeper connection with my kids through shared experiences and forcing them to be in shared rooms. If I didn’t travel, I would miss out on experiences in my life that I desire and would have some regrets.

So what is an HSP supposed to do? I have the desire to travel, yet I want my comforts.

Here are 4 travel tips that I've learned over the years that makes things easier for a highly sensitive person.

1. Prepare ahead of time

When sensitive change, make sure you have a packing list of your comforts to take with you.

I take my supplements with me when I travel and always make sure I have water. I also take snacks just in case I can’t get gluten-free or dairy-free food.

Also, I set aside more than enough time to pack.

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2. Honor your sensitivity

Since I'm highly sensitive, I make sure that I don’t over-schedule my time on trips.

I leave transition time between destinations and look for local grocery stores, markets, and even the pharmacy.

3. Spend some time alone

On a trip with the family, this can be tough. It is important that you have a few minutes each day for yourself.

You can go to the lobby of your hotel and journal or go on a short walk. Communicate your need for some time alone to your travel buddies and they will support you.

4. Allow yourself transition time

When you return, allow yourself some time to get used to coming home.

What helps you feel at home again? Do you need to go grocery shopping, unpack, laundry, and work out? Do what you need in order to arrive home and rejuvenate before you start work again.

So, if you're a hypersensitive person but you still want to travel the world (or the nearest state), go for it! When you've traveled and seen and experienced new things you never had before, you're sure to always remember it.

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Kavita Melwani a certified empowerment coach, hypnotherapist, past life Regressionist, certified money marketing and soul coach, and a Reiki Master. To schedule a clarity session, visit her website.

This article was originally published at The Enlightened Heart. Reprinted with permission from the author.