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About Kathy Thielen

My closest friends will tell you I have been intuitive my entire life.  For me -- I always thought how I saw things was how everyone saw them.  It didn't occur to me until about 2003 that Spirit had allowed me to connect with others on so many different levels all throughout my life. 

With all credit being given to God/Spirit/Universe, I have been gifted with the ability to connect with you and those who have passed (as well as those who are living).  This is not something I take for granted.  I feel extremely blessed by this beautiful and amazing gift. 

As an Intuitive Life / Relationship Coach, I am able to assist you with resolving issues from your past, working with you through the present and assisting you as you look forward to your future.  I may see experiences from your past life.  Oftentimes, your departed friends/loved ones will give me exact verbiage so you know beyond a shadow of doubt that it truly is them coming through to give you the gift of peace.  

My passion comes from knowing that I can help you by sharing the guidance, love and wisdom of Spirit.  I provide ideas and suggestions to help you make informed decisions. It is not my intent to choose for you, but rather -- to present you with quality options.  All intent and purpose is for your Highest Spiritual Good.

I am grateful to God/Spirit/Universe for allowing me to share these gifts with others.  My intuition allows me to feel emotions on the deepest level.  I am passionate about helping others and do so by providing honest and genuine readings.  

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